Top Ten Haunted Places in Delhi That Are Known For Paranormal Activities


Delhi is truly a historic place in India, and with history, the mystery is inevitable. Contrary to popular belief that ghosts stay away from habitat areas, some of the most visited places in Delhi are known for paranormal activities. There are some places that even Government has to prohibit tourists from exploring at night. Here is the list of top ten haunted places in Delhi that you must avoid for your safety.


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1. Agrasen Ki Baoli(Stepwell)




This is a favorite place that tourists love to explore again and again in Delhi because of its amazing construction. It has 103 steps and with each step, the intensity of paranormal happenings increases. Several people have reported that they felt somebody was following them while they were going down the steps.  




2. Delhi Cantonment




This is one of the most haunted places in Delhi, especially at night. Many have claimed to see a woman in white saree asking for a lift and suddenly vanishing into thin air. 




3. The Jamali Kamali Tomb




You should avoid this place after sunset unless you want to get slapped hard by an invisible hand or chased by a blistering cold wind inside its area. Nearby people have reported hearing weird noises coming from the graves. 




4. Khooni Nadi(Bloody River)




This is one of the most dangerous rivers in the entire world. The river is said to be haunted as many people have heard noises and cries from it. It is said to be sucking in people who step foot in it.




5. Sanjay Van(Forest)




This is an area of nearly 10 Kms of greenery. Some of the people are considered to be haunted by ghosts, and many have claimed to see a lady in white clothes. Strange cries can be heard from inside the forest. 




6. Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal(Palace)




Bhul Bhatiyari was the caretaker of the place, and the place becomes haunted after his mysterious death. The place looks scary and therefore, ideal for ghosts. People have heard cries and noises from inside, but no one dares to go inside.




7. Nicholson Cemetery




This is one of scariest cemeteries in the country as many have seen a headless ghost walking in the complex. The headless ghost is assumed to be a soldier who was murdered by his girlfriend.




8. The Karkardooma Delhi Court




Lawyers have repeatedly reported seeing shadowy figures, and even there is a videotape that proves the existence of a ghost in the complex.




9. Khooni Darwaza (Bloody Door)




The story is that the Britishers killed hundreds of people here during Sepoy mutiny. The place is still an abode of haunted souls of those murdered people who are still seeking revenge. 




10. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort




The place is prohibited for the tourists to visit after sunset because many believe that the places an abode of unsatisfied souls with magical powers. Local people offer their worship on Thursday for their wishes to be granted.



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