OMG! These 20 countries have the hottest women! You should pack your bags now!


Women are perhaps the most beautiful creatures ever known, to MAN cheeky  There are around 200 countries in this world, that are hosts to about 3.52 Billion women, out of these wonderful nations and women we have rounded up the top 20 nations where it is an absolute feast for your eyes! Don't blame us if you feel like moving to this whole new place with feminine sorcery!




1. Sweden



Sweden is at the top of the Hot-Women's list and for good reason. These Nordic women with flowing golden hair,  jewel-like eyes & toned body are sure to mesmerize each one of us! We are ready to move!





2. Columbia



Columbian women are the most diet-conscious and beauty-conscious people. Anybody who has visited the beautiful country will surely agree that the place is stuffed with fit & fabulous women!




3. Ukraine



It is said that many men travel to Ukraine with the sole purpose of finding a beautiful woman to fall in love with. We don't know how far this is true but the proof is right in front of our eyes, yes?




4. Brazil



Brazil has been the home of calendar girls & supermodels, with women having half-baked (tanned) skin, flat abs, big bust, and a face to die for!




5. Russia



When it's the largest country in the world, it is bound to have a great number of mesmerizing maidens, and so does Russia.




6. Venezuela



Venezuelan women need no introductions. Their 19-time International beauty pageant win speaks for itself!




7. India



India, the most diverse nation in the world, also boasts off diversity in terms of beauty. You can find women with chiseled & jaws abs and also women with soft rounded features, yet with a stunning body.




8. Italy



Italian women have always been known for their beauty, and have charmed the world every now and then with names like Monica Bellucci, Giusy Buscemi, Elisabetta Canalis and other.




9. South Korea



The more liberal, progressive and more importantly, the democratic Korea is home to beautiful flawless women!




10. Argentina



Literally, no one can question the beauty of Argentinian women!




11. France



France, the country of love, boasts of the most simple yet stunning beauties in the whole world.




12. Egypt



Although Egypt was regarded as the worst country for women in a recent survey, the women here have enjoyed a high position from the ancient time of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt!




13. Serbia



The Slavic women are one of the most feminine creatures to have ever roamed the face of the Earth! Slavs & feminism are literally like oil and water! And to add to that, look at those eyes!




14. Netherlands



The Dutch, who love the color orange, are said to be one of the most beautiful people, and their women are even more so. 




15. Lebanon



Women in Lebanon, when compared to the other Arab countries, are said to have more freedom and right. Thank God for that!




16. Bulgaria



Bulgarian women are one of the reasons for Europe to stand out!



17. Philippines



The Philippines, land of islands is also the land of beautiful women in all of the South-Asia.




18. Romania



Romania is one of the most beautiful places to be in, and for good reason. Apart from the rich culture and rustic beauty of the place, the women are extremely beautiful.




19. Armenia



Home to one of the biggest socialites, Kardashians, Armenia boasts of with some of the most mesmerizing and eye-catchy women!




20. The United States of America



The 3rd largest country in the world is home to some of the finest looking women, you can find all kinds of women her, blondes, brunettes, etc!

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