Woah! Did you know the Prices of 10 Most Expensive Cycles of the World?


Are you a fitness freak? Do you want to lose weight? Wanna get your legs toned?


If your answer is Yes:


Do you like Bicycles? But are shy to use them because of its “cheap” status?


If your answer is Yes:


Well, this information will come to your rescue! Now you can ride your bike with utmost confidence, thanks to owning an expensive masterpiece for we are going to jot down the World’s Most Expensive Cycles for you here.


1. Trek Butterfly Madone


Auctioned to be the world’s most expensive cycle, Trek Butterfly Madone designed by Damien Hirst, became so because of two major reasons. First, real butterfly wings as raw material decorate the frame and rims of this cycle, which would have been a reason enough in itself. On top of that, though, it was ridden by the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong during Tour de France 2009. Result:

Price: $500,000





2. Trek Yoshimoto Nara


Yoshimoto Nara is a Japanese artist, whose gift to Lance Armstrong after this cyclist survived cancer became the second most expensive cycle of the world. But that’s not it. The light weight and fast speed of this bike makes it special, thanks to it being made up of carbon fiber frame and thus was auctioned at:

Price: $200,000





3. Kaws – Trek Madone


When Trek Madone and Kaws (Designer Brian Donnelly) collaborated to auction the classic yellow-black-white cycle of Lance Armstrong, he, in a way, brought the cancer fighters the money worth third most expensive cycle auctioned and bought, as he used this beautiful bike in the year 2009 during the Castilla race.

Price: $160,000





4. Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike


This Swedish manufacturer probably had some fascination with Gold to name it so as Aurumania literally means “preoccupied with Gold”. Containing 24K Gold and Swarovski crystals, this bicycle is a dream bike of luxury cycle collectors and riders. For the sorry part, you’ll have to find out the 10 customers who possess this beauty and buy it from them. Oops!

Price: $103,700





5. Trek Madone 7 – Diamond


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But with this mountain bike, diamonds can be a boy’s best friend too. This cycle is embedded with “real diamonds” and apart from its materialistic value, it also holds historical value as Lance Armstrong won his seventh Tour de France with this bike, thanks to companies that collaborated to make sure-winning bike for him and making it so expensive overall.

Price: $75,000





6. Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike


You want brand loyalty of Chrome Hearts and Cervelo collaboration. You want speed along with luxury. You want customized parts like fine leathers, precious metals, rhinestones and Chrome Hearts graphics. You want a cool looking bike that also gives you an edge of winning in competitions. And with this bike, you simply get it all!

Price: $60,000





7. Montante Luxury Gold Collection


As high-end as it sounds, the Montante Luxury Gold Collection doesn’t disappoint in giving you a high-end feel too. It has specialties like Gold leaf, 1000 Swarovski gems, leather cushion and brilliant performance. The simplicity of this bike along with unique features makes this bike a favorite among many riders.

Price: $46,000





8. eRockit


eRockit Electric Assist Bicycle is the world’s most expensive electric cycle that gets charged through human pedaling. Invented by Stefan Gulas from Germany, this motorbike-or-cycle looking bicycle has engine which works on nano-phosphate batteries. A full charge can take the rider up to 50 miles with speedy fun. It’zz different!

Price: $44,000





9. Litespeed Blade


With the mark of the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong, Litespeed Blade is a popular name among the most expensive and reputed bicycles of the world. Besides the unofficial Brand Ambassador, it has some amazing feature too, like titanium alloy and carbon fiber frame, high quality chains and spokes and the latest WRAP technology. Further, it lives up to its “litespeed” name too!

Price: $40,788





10. Bicyclettes de Luxe


This epic mountain bike was specially made for 7th edition of North American Handmade Bicycle Show or NAHBS. Its maker, Phanuel Krencker, is one of the biggest names in the industry and his collaboration with various bike makers for custom parts like frame, brakes, chrome and carbon fiber etc. makes it truly luxurious and expensive-worthy!

Price: $34, 425





If you are one of those Richie Riches (or not) and are inspired by the looks and info of these amazing cycles, do share your experience of buying or thinking of buying it. Cycle your way through! Cheers!

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