We bet you never knew about these 15 weird sports that really exist!

1. Bathtubbing (Bathtub racing)



Origin: Nanaimo harbour, Canada – 1967


Just because you can row around in a boat…ummm bath-tub, doesn't mean you can! Or can you?

  • There's 100m individual racing against the stopwatch
  • Multi-tub racing
  • Synchronized Bathtubbing – two people sit facing each other, one rowing forwards and the other backward 



2. Bed Racing



Origin: Knaresborough, England – 1965


A bed is fitted with four wheels and is appropriately decorated as per the occasion. Then, teams of 6, plus one on the bed race for 3 km that starts and ends at Conyngham Hall. The final part is the more fun part – crossing a river with the bed!



3. Beer Mile



Origin: Canada – 1989


This one is for the old glug-glug lovers! 

Participants have to cover a total of 400m while chugging down 12-ounce beer cans, each one while

  • Starting the race
  • Ending the race
  • After finishing a lap

As a bonus – if you vomit mid-race, you have to complete one extra lap!



4. Cheese Rolling



Origin: Cooper's Hill, England – early 1800s


Here, a 9 lb round of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down Cooper's Hill near Gloucestershire and a whole lot of people, as crazy as it sounds run downhill, behind the cheese, chasing it to the finish line!



5. Dog Surfing



Origin: Hawaii & California, USA – 1920s


Yes, Dogs are taught how to ride the wave! Typically on a surfboard, windsurf boards, bodyboards or skimboards. 2 or more dogs are allowed on a single board, and the world record is eight dogs on a single board! Imagine that!



6. Ferret Legging



Origin: Yorkshire, England – 1970


This is a male-only sport where real-life Ferrets are sent down one's trousers to see who can endure the whims of the animal! The rules being that the man shouldn't have any underwear on and the Ferret has to have a full set if teeth, my my!



7. Kissing Competition



Origin: Riccione, Italy 


The name says it all. This one a competition where the longest kissing couple is declared the winner. But it doesn't end there! Variations such as underwater kissing, upside down kissing, climb and kiss, etc.



8. Lingerie Football a.k.A Legends Football League



Origin: USA, Canada, Australia – 2009


Take American Football and replace uniforms with lingerie. It's a 7-on-7 full contact sport with the usual Americal football rules applicable.



9. Nude Games




  • Maslin Beach, Australia (Nude Beach Olympics) – 1998
  • Baker Beach San Francisco, USA (Nude Olympics) – 1983


Nothing much, just your usual sprints, long jump, volleyballs, javelin throws, frisbees but without any clothes on. It is considered to be an homage to the ancient Greek Olympics which were conducted in the nude. Anyone is welcome to take part or sit back and watch!



10. Rock-Paper-Scissors World Championship



Origin: Toronto, Canada – 2002


Just why? What's next a Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock contest?



11. Pillow Fighting League



Origin: Toronto, Canada – 2004


5-Minute rounds of intense pillow bashing! It's an all-female sport and is quite serious about women ending up with split lips, black-eyes, cuts, bruises and in some cases bruised kidneys in such cases the match is ended immediately.



12. Redneck games



Origin: Georgia, USA – 1996


It was a response to the joke "a bunch of rednecks holding Olympics." Unusual games such as Mud Pit Belly Flop, Seed Spitting Contest, Armpit Serenade, redneck Horseshoes and the like are played.



13. Skipping stones or Skimming



Origin: Driftwood, Texas, USA – 1989


If you're good at making flat surfaced stones skim across water surfaces without sinking, GO to Texas. There's a whole championship held to see how many skips a stone makes before sinking.

P.S. The world record is 88 skips cheeky



14. Three-sided Football



Origin: Denmark – 1960s


Played on a hexagonal field with, you guessed I right, three teams! And the winner is the team that concedes the fewest goals!



15. Birdman Competition



Origin: England – 1971


It involves Bird-apparatus clung onto men who attempt to "fly" off a ledge that's about 20 to 35 Ft. above the ground. Earlier there was a prize of £1,000 for birdmen crossing 50 yards (46m) was stipulated. Eventually, the prize-money and the qualifying distance was increased & in 2009 it stood at £30,000 and 100 yards (330 Ft)

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