Hottest Female Athletes In The Sports World

It is true that women should not be objectified but there is no denying the fact that women are a thing of beauty in this world. Therefore, they are always judged in terms of beauty quotient, and today, we are listing the female athletes of different sports. They are already celebrities worldwide and achieve great heights in their sport.

Anastacia Yankova (MMA)

Yankova became a skillful mixed martial performer in her adolescent years. She went on to finish in the flyweight allotment of the Bellator MMA. She rapidly scored a funding contract with Nike and begun going to high-profile occasions like the 10th Annual Guys Choice Awards flaunting her astounding tattoos.

Jennie Finch (Softball)

Finch was one of the celebrities present in the ESPY Awards in 2014. She didn’t vanish from the limelight after her retirement. Time Magazine depicted her as the most renowned softball player in the times past. She gave the US national softball team, gold and silver medals at the Olympics in 2004 and 2008.

Nastia Liukin (Gymnastics)

Liukin was an all-round winner at the Summer Games in Beijing and won extra 3 silver medals and one bronze. She is one of the mainly victorious artistic gymnasts in US history, with 5 medals already achieved. She won them all in 2008.

Ashley Wagner (Figure Skating)

Ashley won a chain of worldwide contests in this elegant sport. She also won a bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi as a part of the US squad. Ashley Wagner is broadly familiar with fans of figure skating.

Alex Morgan (Soccer)

Morgan was asked to attend the MTV Video Music Awards very soon after her triumph at the World Cup. She embodied the US women’s national team at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World cup. She was mainly one of the top scorers with 6 goals for her team.

Becky Lynch (Wrestling)

She began wrestling in 2002 in her native country, Ireland, and she signed a contract with the WWE only a decade after. She was one of its mainly identifiable Divas. Lynch was in the ACM awards beside numerous fellow WWE stars and brought her mark furious oomph to this occasion.

Maria Sharapova (Tennis)

She’s merely the Russian female player to win all the 4 Grand Slams. Sharapova has been in the limelight for about 15 years. She is mainly a thriving tennis player of her generation, and on 5 different events, WTA placed her as the no.1 female player.


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