CAUGHT – 9 Sports Superstars that cheated on their beautiful wives with hotties!

High-profile sportsmen, International footballers, basketballers and golfer, they have the money, the cars and the beautiful wives. One thing many of them lack is loyalty! Find out out about these 9-High profile Sports giants' stories of infidelity and how their wives dealt with them.



1. Tiger Woods



Wife: Elin Nordegren 

Alimony: $110 million




Mistress: Rachel Uchitel


November 2009 saw the shaming of golf legend Tiger Woods. His mistress Rachel Uchitel was repoted to be – one of the long list of mistresses that Mr. Woods had! His wife Elin filed ofr a divorce and was granted the same in August 2010 



2. Usain Bolt 



GIrlfriend: Kasi Bennett 




Mistress: Jady Duarte & others


In the 2010 Rio Olympics, Sprinter and the world's fastest man, Usian Bolt was seen cuddling and kissing a 20 year old Brazilian student, . And a few hours before this incident was seen kissing and dancing with another unknown brunette at a night club. Wow.



3. David Bekham



Wife: Victoria Beckham




Mistress: Rebecca Loos, Katherine Jenkins, Sarah Marbeck & Nirma Nici


For the handsome man that ex-football star David Bekham is, girls drool over him all the time, and David seemed to have had his fair share with women. It is reported that David has had affairs with multiple women including model Sarah, personal assistant Rebecca, singer Katherine and an escort Nirma. Even fter all these rumors the power-couple seem to be working though to save their marriage.



4. John Terry



Wife: Toni Terry



Mistress: Vanessa Perroncel


In 2010 rumors flew that England & Chelsea football captain John Terry was having an affair with former teammate,  Wayne Bridge's wife. Of course they both deny it to this day. Although it hasn't led to divorce, Bridge excluded himself from consideration for the English football team (2010 World cup) and also refused to shake hands with Toni at a 2010 game.



5. Michael Jordan 



Wife: Juanita Vanoy

Alimony: $168 million



Mistress: Karla Knafel 


Dubbed as "The greatest basketball player to roam Earth", Michael Jordan wasn't all that great at maintainig relationships. He is said to have many mistresses over time and shut everyone up with his ways to filling pockets. In 2006, his wife Juanita filed for & was granted a divorce from Jordan. Since then he had married another hottie, a Cuban Yvette Prieto.



6. Anna Kournikova



Fiance: Pavel Bure



Lover: Sergei Fedorov  


Let's mix things up a bit here, shall we. Russian Tennis-star & hot chick Anna Kournikova, was said to be dating Russian hockey player Sergei Fedorov and engaged to teammate Pavel Bure. Although nothing is concrete and everyone denies everything, it did look fishy when she was seen going out & having dinner with the two of them separately.



7. Ashley Cole



Wife:  Cheryl Fernandez-Versini




Mistress: Ann Corbitt, Sonia Wild, Aimee Walton 


The English footballer has been a busy man with women. He has had affairs with his secretary, hair dresser, glamour-model and so on. Poor Cheryl, being a world-class hottie did not help at all! After divorcing Ashley in 2010, Cheryl married restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini in 2014.



8. Tony Parker



Wife: Eva Longoria




Mistress: Alexandra Paressant & Erin Barry


In 2007 it was reported that NBA star Tony Parker had an affair with a model Alexandra Pressant, Both Tony & Eva denied those reports and also sued the tabloid that published the news. Later in 2010 Eva Longoria filed for divorce who believed Tony was cheating with team-mate Brent Barry's wife Erin Barry. The divorce was granted in 2011.



9. Kobe Bryant



Wife: Vanessa Bryant

Alimony: $75 million & 3 mansions



Mistress: Jessica Borciaga & others


In 2003, Basketball star Kobe was accused of having an affair with an undisclosed woman, after he was arrested for sexual assault on a 19-year-old hotel employee. Later the name, Jessica Borciaga was foating around in 2011, though she denied any such connections. It was in December 2011 that Vanessa filed for divorce, but a reconciliation between the couple patched things up keeping the marriage strong.

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