Kudos to p*rn viewers..!!! 9 reasons you need to watch p*rn often


Aaugh!!! Very weird to listen right. However, it’s not at all a bad thing. We all have a preconceived notion regarding watching porn. It is absolutely not bad to watch a little bit of porn, as it should not interfere your sex and social life. Porn is just a tool; it is up to the user to use it positively or negatively. However, we will suggest you the healthy impact of watching porn.     


1. Stress Reliever


Watching porn instigate the pleasure points in your brain thereby making you stress-free. Prolactin is a hormone that initiates sleep, therefore, making you relaxed. Porn—Masturbate—free from stress.






2. Explore your S*xuality


Know your body. Know yourself sexually. Watching porn can help you out with your like and dislike. Watching porn can definitely help you to figure out what you exactly want out of sex.






3. Enhance Libido


Your libido is enhanced by watching porn. You can enjoy the vitality and low in the real act. Watching porn can make you act well in bed.







4. Teach you new things


Watching porn can definitely teach you new positions and sex moves that are new for you. So, try it out with yourself and then with your partner. Action teaches you to lot more things.






5. Inspires fantasy


Expressing fantasies in our society is too embarrassing. However, porn helps you to explore and fantasizing about sexual situations because it is something you are doing in private






6. Watching together spice up your relationship


Watching porn with your Partner can definitely boost your intimacy level to the peak. It helps you both to be cozy and add spice to your sex life.






7. Non-addictive


We are in a wrong notion that , those who watch porn are no more interested in real sex. Men are good at watching porn and babies are also being born. So, it is clearly concluded that men watching porn are also having sex.






8. S*x crimes are also decreased


S*x crimes are the ugly reality of our society. Scientist and Statisticians researched that porn use lessens the sex crimes by avoiding the potentially harmful sexual desire.






9. It is an awesome feeling


And finally, is it an awesome feeling or not??? Many of us did not even agree that watching porn or masturbation is an ok thing to do.



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