How To Pick Choreographies Faster In Your Dance Class? Tips to Follow

Looking so-damn-eagerly forward to your dance class, the best time of the day/week/ever and getting stuck with choreography? Wanting to dance out to beyond the heart's content, but the "mentally" difficult steps are lagging you behind? Choreographies are a challenge and it's especially tough when a lot of it is vomited by the instructor in one class. But but, getting scared is not the option, is it? So, let's consider some key points that can help in picking the choreographies faster and don't forget to carry things like water, energy drinks etc to your dance class for refreshment. Check out 9 ways to pick choreographies faster in your dance class.



Follow The Steps to Pick Choreographies Faster


1. Stop Staring


Observing the instructor is important but making a habit of looking at the instructor every time you perform the choreography can be disastrous. Stop staring, trust yourself and perform it without looking at the instructor. You will make mistakes but you will know where and a little sneak peek is all that you are going to need.



2. Calm Down


Hyperventilating in your brain about not getting the steps can seriously hamper your intelligence of actually picking up the choreography. Calm Down! Just breathe, take it easy and take one step at a time. Getting impatient will only stop you from getting it.



3. Multiple Class


The more you dance, the more are your chances of picking up the choreographies faster. So, taking multiple classes in a day or week can greatly help in training your body to pick a routine faster, of course, with focus and right channelization of mind energy. Multiple classes alone won't do!



4. Train Your Brain


It often happens that not getting the choreography leads to the mind comprehending the steps as real difficult ones. That is not the case! Keep reminding yourself that the steps are not difficult and just give yourself some time. Steps are not difficult, you make it so. And if they are, your instructor is there to help you out, ain't he?



5. Wrong Move – So What?


It's not a misconception. Believe me, it is OKAY to do a wrong step, well, until the time it doesn't stop you. Just do the move wrong and carry on with the choreography. At the end of it, you will know where you are going wrong and with every run, you can correct the wrongs one by one.



6. Watch


Relax. Keep out for one run of routine if it's getting too much and just watch the instructor. You will get a lot of idea about what is going wrong. Also, don't just start day dreaming or drooling over how amazing a dancer that she is. Observe her moves, her energy, her breathing points and whatever that you can catch.



7. Feeling


Oh, it's so common how you forget "feeling" in the midst of remembering the steps and getting them right, isn't it? Change that. And change that right now. The feeling is as important as nobody gives a damn about steps if you have the feeling right. Of course, getting choreography is crucial but without the feeling, bleh.



8. Versatile Classes


Another way of picking choreographies faster is by taking classes of different styles of dancing. By doing so, you will automatically be training your mind to pick different choreographies in a short span of time, thus ultimately leading to picking choreographies faster in general as well.



9. Count


Ah, the easiest of the ways but not followed by all! It always and essentially helps in picking the moves faster when you know them on counts. So, when your instructor hits the music, count it out. You may simply count in your head if you don't wish to go out loud about it.



Hope these tips help you to pick the choreographies faster in your dance class. Do comment and tell us your thoughts around the same. Cheers!



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