7 Exercises To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

Every girl dreams of that perfect figure that can make any man go gaga over her. Sadly, not everyone is blessed with the apt personal assets. While some girls get distressed over flat butt and try different foods to make the butt bigger, others suffer through the misfortunate of unnoticeable and non-existent breasts, which is plainly a thing of grief for a woman.

The good news is that there are a number of ways by which one may increase her ‘bra size’ and if you are a friend in need, here go 7 exercises to make your breasts look bigger. Work it “out”!



1. Push Ups


This is the most basic of the exercises to work on your chest and is highly recommendable for its effective results. Go into a plank position by keeping palms and feet shoulder distance apart. Make sure that your body is absolutely in one line and is not curved or arched. Bend your elbow and go down as much as you can. You may start with the easier version of it, i.e. to use knees to make the plank instead of the feet and gradually you may move on to the harder version.



2. Legs Up Push Ups


If you have moved on to doing push ups on your feet and palms, this is the next step. It’s harder but it’s worth it. Just rest your legs on the edge of a chair, sofa or bed or on the Swiss ball with hands shoulder distance apart as usual. Now, do your regular push ups. Feel something different? Ideally, you should, as your upper torso is working. Do as many sets of 10 push-ups as you can, with a minimum of 2-3 in the start.



3. Wall Push Ups


Take it easy, this one is not that hard. Just stand facing the wall and make the same plank position as you did on the floor against the wall with resting on the palms and keeping the legs absolutely straight. Now, bend your elbows to the sides of your chest and do the pushups the same way that you do on the floor. To make it harder, you may do longer sets – maybe a couple of sets of 25 reps each. That should do.



4. Chest Dips


Chest dips are kind of push ups but upside down. Just lie down on the floor with the back facing the floor. Come in a half sitting position and keep your hands back. You'll kinda make a hammock with your stomach and pelvis in the center. Now, bend your arms like you'd do while doing push ups. That pain? Yes, that's gonna be sweet, sweet pain when they show the result for the goal you are working for. 



5. Dumbbell Flys


You need dumbbells for this exercise, as obviously the name suggests. But, if you don't have it, try and find something at home that would serve the purpose. Lie down on a chair or Swiss ball with the back facing and arms parallel to the floor. Now, lift the dumbbells vertically up and get them down. Reverse it by lying down on a Swiss ball or a chair or couch. The Same idea hands apart and lift the dumbbells.



6. Palms Pressing


It’s always good to maintain a balance between strenuous and easy exercises, though by easy it does not mean that focus points are to be worked on without efforts. Palms pressing is one of the easier ones among these but the intensity is a lot for the chest to work on. Just stand upright and press the palms against each other in front. You will feel a pressure in your chest muscles. Now, keep pressing them for 10-15 seconds at least and repeat a number of times.



7. Arms Stretching


It’s a good idea to do arms stretching at the end of workout session, as this will relax your body while working on the upper torso. Keep your hands by the side in a relaxed mode. Now, face the palms to the back and stretch the arms to the back as well. Keep the arms straight and take it to the maximum point. Repeat with variation – lift the arms in 180 degrees parallel to the floor and simply take it back. Small tips: Avoid arching the back and keep the hands extended.



Hope you enjoyed reading and hope these exercises help you out to get and maintain your desired, perfect figure. Cheers!



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