Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight Faster In A Healthy Manner


If you are a victim of the ever-trending obesity, you are not alone! Obesity or overweight has become such a common problem today, it's almost ignorable. But! You cannot simply turn your back to a condition that has even claimed valuable human lives. Oh yeah, that extra, additional, unwanted, unneeded fat – you want to get rid of that, and soon. And if you are a friend in need, try these Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight in a Healthy Manner.





1. Physical Exercise


The motive of losing weight and physical exercise go hand-in-hand. You HAVE to be doing some form of physical activities to sweat the fat out. Try exercising for one hour every day including stretching and stamina exercises. If there is a lack of motivation to work out at home, joining a gym is not a bad idea at all.  





2. Go for the "Greener Grass"


You want to lose weight – you want to eat greens. A change in your eating lifestyle can radiate as a great weight loss scheme and greens work best to facilitate the same. Make sure to include lots of greens and salads in both the meals. You may try 'one meal green meal' too.





3. Foot Massage after Foot Work


Enjoying a foot massage? But did you do enough work to deserve that? Include in your weight loss program time to go out running or jogging for half an hour for effective obesity combat. Also, walk close by distances and work your feet. Now enjoy a well-deserved foot massage!





4. Fast Food? Give Me Slow!


Say a big NO to fast food. It might be a task to resist the apparent yumness and your friends teasing you about the same but you cannot give up in this challenge. Outside food is not only unhealthy but is extremely fattening and obviously, you do not want five minutes of delight to ruin your hard work, right?





5. No to No-Food-Diet


Girls these days are following diets suggesting survival on liquids for faster results but you want to stay away from such practice, or rather malpractice. Following this "great" diet will no doubt fulfill your business but the speed at which you will gain weight once you start eating will be great too.





6. Extra Class


Thinking of joining an extra exercise-plus-fun class? Woah! You’re already thinking in the right direction! Any fun class requiring physical work, like dance, sports, gymnastics etc. is an “A-Plus” idea for realizing the goal of weight loss. These classes help in reducing weight without thinking much of the motive and literally, by enjoying.





7. No-Break Breakfast


A high protein breakfast is a must if you are on a weight loss objective. Breakfast plays an important role in deciding how your eating part of the day is going to be and to save time, just keep a note that heavy breakfast leads to lesser calorie intake the whole day. So, a must breakfast with no breaks any day.





8. Be Water Baby


It would only be funny to recite the uses of water in our everyday lives but do you know that water can help you lose weight significantly too? Drink a half to one glass of water every hour and see how water keeps your stomach full, your hunger controlled and your calorie intake in check. Weight-loss plan, I am a water baby!





9. Slow Eating, Fast Resulting


Inspired by the Disney cartoon filling up his mouth with 20,000 things at a go? Assuming the answer would be a no, SLOW DOWN! A human can eat for up to 20 minutes at once, so, you want to chew and gulp your food slowly to make sure that you only eat appropriate quantity and feel full sooner, leading to less calorie intake.





10. Little Motivations


Motivation is an essential element of the success of any goal and so is true for weight loss. Little motivating steps throughout the day can make a big difference overall. Thus, step forward to the opportunities of taking stairs instead of elevators, replacing sugary juices with water, walking small distances etc. Plus, there’s always room for improvisations.



Hope this helps you a little bit, if not a lot, in your agenda of losing that extra fat. Do put down your comments and let us know how you liked the article. Cheers!



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