10 Indian Beauty And Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow On Instagram


For days when no matter what you can’t get that smoky eye right or when you’re confused about what shoes to wear with that dress, these bloggers are here to fulfill all your beauty and fashion needs.


1. Scherezade Shroff



Instagram:@sherryshroff / Via Instagram.com

Scherezade Shroff or Sherry is the sister of famous stylist and Fashion Director for Vogue India magazine, Anaita Shroff Adjania. Her account is full of styling, makeup, skincare, hair care tips and tons of DIYs.


2. Aashna Shroff



Instagram: @thesnobjournal  / Via Instagram.com

Aashna Shroff or thesnobjounal is someone who will give you serious outfit goals. Her style varies from high end luxury to affordable chic, so there is something on her account for everyone.


3. KritikaKhurana



Instagram:@thatbohogirl/ Via Instagram.com

Boho chic is the style of the season and KritikaKhurana is an expert on that. With luscious beautiful hair, her style will give you ideas on how to carry boho fashion off like a pro. Extra points to her for spreading body positivity.


4. DeekshaKhurana



Instagram:@deekshakhurana/ Via Instagram.com

She is the equally fashionable sister of ‘thatbohogirl’KritikaKhurana. If you’re ever stuck on what to wear to college or to a brunch with your firnds, her account should be your go-to.  


5. Santoshi Shetty



Instagram:@santushi_thestyleedge/ Via Instagram.com

Santoshi’s style is edgy and fierce, just like her features. She also travels a lot, so if you are ever confused about what to pack for your next vacation you know who to turn to.


6. Debasree



Instagram:@debasree/ Via Instagram.com

Debasree is a makeup champion. Her YouTube channel is full of fun and easy tutorials on how to create different looks. If you’re a beginner and clueless about makeup, let her guide you to makeup glory.



7. Riya Jain



Instagram:@caughtinacuff/ Via Instagram.com

Riya Jain is fashion goals for short girls. And not just short girls, all girls can look upto her for serious fashion and sunglasses inspiration.


8. Aakriti Rana



Instagram:@aakriti_lachicaloca/ Via Instagram.com

Aakriti Rana’s style is versatile and covers everything from girl next door to surreal ethnic. She also has a YouTube channel where she uploads vlogs and hosts giveaways.


9. ShiviTandon and Srishti Agarwal



Instagram:@curious_components/ Via Instagram.com

This dynamic duo is double the fashion and style in a single account. Go through their account with your sister or bff and get tips on how to be a stylish pair.


10. ShivaniPatil



Instagram:@the.f.drug/ Via Instagram.com

ShivaniPatil is a personal style, lifestyle and beauty blogger from Mumbai. From pretty flowy dresses to comfort clothes like a tank top and jeans, she’s got it all covered. She’s also a regular at fashion shows so you won’t miss out anything new that’s trending.


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