Beauty Myths That Are Making Us Look Bad!

Life without beauty is not living for many. It is more so for the women who put up makeup on their faces and even body to make themselves beautiful in the eyes of the beholders. There are a lot of sacrifices women make to look beautiful. But there are a lot of beliefs too that they believe in which are harmful and actually making them look bad and even worse in the short to the long run. The following is the list of beauty myths that are WRONG.

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1. Daily Makeup Is Harmful –

There is no truth in the statement. However, if you apply daily makeup and you do not take them off in due time every day, it is definitely going to cause harm to your skin. You need to have a good makeup remover that can open up of the pores of the skin and let them breathe.

2. Drink Excessive Water To Prevent Wrinkles –

The upper layer of the epidermis is already dead and therefore, drinking more water will not produce any effect on them. They do not absorb moisture from the inside and therefore, you need to moisturize them from the outside.

3. Apply Cream In the Upward Direction –

There are many who believe that one should apply the cream on their faces in an upward direction to prevent wrinkles. However, the better option is to apply it in a circular motion from the bottom to the top.

4. Warm Acne In The Sun –

There are many who believe that warming the acnes in the sun can dry it up and cure it. Instead, the sun dries up the skin and you can have sun allergy soon.

5. Brush Your Teeth After Meal –

There are many who brush their teeth after a heavy meal because they think that whiteness of the teeth will vanish. Brushing teeth just after meals is harmful as the acid in the oral cavity that comes from the food can lead to faster erosion if the natural process is not allowed. Therefore, if you have to brush your teeth, do so after an hour from the meal.

6. Ice Wiping Is Good For Skin –

There are a lot of people who wipe their face with ice. It can be good for some but for most, it is bad. The low temperature decreases the blood flow to the face and the puffiness and spider veins can appear. The skin will also lose elasticity and should be avoided by people with dry skin.

7. Nail Polish Harms The Nails –

Nails are dead cells and therefore, you can do anything you want to on them. They do not need to breathe and moisturize. Therefore, go ahead and apply any nail polish and put up any design you want.

8. Miscellaneous Myths –

There is no truth is the saying that hair grows faster if you cut them frequently. It grows at the same speed every month. Removing moles is not harmful as many people think. Consult a dermatologist for the same.

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