10 Things To Do Before A Wedding Night In Islam To Make It Memorable


Wedding night is one of the biggest nights in anyone's life. Different religion follows different rituals when it comes to celebrating the wedding night to make it memorable. A shuttle tension in the mind of the newly wedded couple is a natural thing. Here are some of the useful tips of things to do before wedding night in Islam.



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Tip to Remember on Wedding Night In Islam



1. Get Rid Of Your Expectations




You must be able to differentiate clearly between what you see in the movies and what actually can happen in reality. Wedding nights in movies are portrayed as if nothing else can be better than that night but in reality, nothing of that happens. So let go of your expectations completely.




2. Prepare Yourself For Your Bride




As wedding night is the first night of togetherness for the newly wedded couple, you must surprise your wife with a nice and caring gift. No, it is not a pack of condom. Buy something that will break the ice and bring a natural smile. 




3. Ice-Breaking Small Chats




You should prepare yourself with a few topics that you could discuss with your wife on a wedding night because it will break the ice between you too and she would naturally become comfortable. Recounting the whole day is a good idea. 




4. Mating At Wedding Night 



Many people have this weird idea that wedding night is a night of physical union and it is almost mandatory. But it shows that you are desperate, and if it is an arranged marriage, it becomes really awkward to open up suddenly. Therefore, you can postpone the idea of physical union from your mind till your honeymoon.




5. Physical Intimacy Is Better



Instead, you should plan how you could make her comfortable because she is going to live away from her parents and towards the end of the night, you can have a few kisses and hugs only if the ambiance is right. Planning is important to get into the mood by foreplay. 




6. Handling Awkward Moments 



You should plan how you would handle the likely awkward situations like a pro. If you are not ready with solutions and managing them effortlessly, you are definitely going to turn your wedding night as the worst experience ever both for you and your counter part.




7. Handy Accessories



In the case of love marriage, both of you should plan what exactly you would like to do and keep all the handy accessories in the right place. If you are going to mate, get the protections and lubrications. You should also keep a few things as surprises to add value to the night. 




8. Take A Bath and Take Care Of Hygiene



You should definitely take a bath and be fresh before your actual timing of wedding night. You should be at your best with body spray, hair gel, mouth freshener and other needful things. You should have a light diet.




9. Keep your Electronic Gadgets Away



Wedding night is meant for you and your wife or husband. It is going to be best if you keep your smartphones and tablets switched off so that they do not disturb you or distract you.




10. Say A Prayer Together



As per the ritual on wedding night in Islam, the couple should pray together for the wellbeing of each other which is such an awesome thing, to begin with. Prayers can remove the awkward distance between you two. 


Follow these tips and make your wedding night memorable. 



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