2 Day Detox Diet Plan to Kick Out Toxins From Your Body


Even though 62% of Americans are obese, an increasing number of people are becoming more and more health conscious. We have many people wondering "what diet is the best for me?" or those who look at low-carb diet before and after pictures and wonder when will I ever see that kind of change, but the best way to treat yourself is to kick back, relax and give you body the thorough cleansing that it so badly needs. We have a brief guide that can take you through the process of cleansing your precious body.


Check Out 2 Day Detox Diet Plan 


There are only 4 simple steps or constraints to detoxifying your body, removing the toxins in just two days, flat.

  • Spend time resting
  • Follow a liquid diet
  • Add fibrous foods
  • Things you have to stay away from


Time to rest



A detox diet's main ingredient is resting. Take the day off from work and from your daily chores. You can spend time sleeping, listening to soothing music, reading a book and other such light activities and by doing nothing that adversely affects you, like using electronic devices, watching TV or playing video games. You need to sit back and relax for the entire two days.

Also, this kind of rest is recommended as taking in only liquids can make you feel a tad faint and render you unable to perform your work.



The liquid diet



The next important aspect of a detox diet, just like a boiled egg diet, plenty of fluid diets no matter what form they come in. It can be water, lemon tea, fruit squashes, vegetable juices etc that are used to flush toxins from your body. Having a lot of liquid only meals throughout your detox days helps cleanse your entire digestive system along with your kidneys and liver


Some of the best fruit punches (alcohol is a strict no) come from a combination of fruits like apple, grapes, pineapple, mango, butter fruit, watermelon, and peaches. Add ice cubes to enjoy a chilled fruit juice and this also increases the water content.



Fibrous foods



If you feel faint, and lack energy you can add fruits and vegetable which are an excellent source of fiber for our body. These fibrous things can also be consumed if you feel the need for more water-rich content for your detox diet. First of all, you should know which diet suits your body.

Fruits and vegetable that are uncooked, and unpeeled, dry fruits, oats, whole bread, brown rice, whole wheat foods etc are rich in fiber and enable us to get more water into our system and therefore enable us to cleanse our body.



Things to stay away from



When you are on a liquid cleansing diet, there are certain absolute NOs that need to be followed at any cost for your body to be successfully detoxed.

  • Do not perform strenuous activities like running, exercising, working like usual etc during the two-day period.
  • Stay away from electronic gadgets like cell phones, television, computers, tablets etc that will strain your body.
  • Do not carry out this detox diet plan if you suffer from any kind of illness. For example, heart disease, diabetes or any other serious conditions.
  • Avoid all kinds of strenuous situations at all costs. You only need to rest and give your body the well-deserved rest it needs for just 48 hours.
  • Avoid chocolate, alcohol, carbonated drinks, sodas, coffee, cigarettes, and Ceylon Tea.


That ends our two-day detox diet recommendation to cleanse your body off of toxins. Let us know your opinion on this system in the comments and reaction sections below.



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