11 Enchanting Sounds to Soothe Your Inner Soul


There are several soothing sounds that capture the pleasant and utopian nature of our world. Listening to tunes like these can even calm a raging storm within us, allowing us to forget our trivial problems and enjoy life as it is meant to be. We have compiled some of those relaxing sounds for you. Check them out below.



1. Rain



Rain might just be precipitation, so what makes it so special and soothing? It might be that while it's raining outside you are comfortable inside your house listening to the outpour that the weather gods have caused on the lands. The consistent falling of water.



2. Rustling of leaves



The trees are a wonderful gift from nature to all the other living beings. If you ever were to sit in the middle of a peaceful place surrounded by the woods, you'd know how relaxing and pleasant the resting of leaves due to the breeze would be.



3. Birds chirping



Another pleasant sound that ought to calm our minds is that of the chirping of little birds, like a sparrow or any other tinier member of the bird family, happily chirping away at its delight of the bright and shiny day.



4.  Ocean waves 



It is always pleasant to sit by the seashore, with a good book, while the splashing waves touch the shore and recede into the main body endlessly. The Sparsely sprinkled odd seagull's scream should complete the experience.



5. A baby's laughter



A youngling is innocent, fragile and without guile. The baby's laughter is as contagious as it is a delight to listen to. The cackles of a baby are sure to make any day better. 



6. Campfire at night



Imagine a campfire, as you sit by your tent, with the warm yellow light thrown all over you, and the fire is the only thing source of light for as far as your eyes can see. As you close your eyes and listen to the minute sounds of wood snapping and crackling, you wouldn't want the night to end, ever.



7. A mountain stream



A typical mountain stream is a thin yet wide enough line of water trickling playfully between rocks and trees in the lush greenery of the mountains. The sound of the constantly flowing crystal-clear water is sure to transport you to your happy place instantly.



8. Sound of the flute



The wind instrument lets out a smooth whistle that calms down one and all. Certain notes, in particular, have the ability to place you in a state of trance.



9. A breezy meadow



A meadow consists of several beautiful flowers, and as the cool breeze blows over this flora, and they brush aginst the green growth of grass, while little creatures like butterflies and bees fly by. 



10. A whale's song



One of the biggest creatures on earth, the humpback whale emanates a soft and melodious sound, akin to a little girl singing. This wonder surely needs to be heard to be enjoyed to the fullest.



11. Wind chimes



The suspended pieces of wood and metallic tubes, come together to sing along when there is a breeze blowing over them. The pleasant tinkling of the tubes somewhat gives an inexplicable feeling of bliss.



Loved the soothing sounds? Let us know in the comments section below.



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