14 Spooky Sounds of Celestial Bodies in Our Solar System! Saturn Sounds Horrific


Although space is an infinite void of vacuum, sound does exist in the form of electromagnetic waves! NASA's Voyager, INJUN 1, ISEE 1 & HAWKEYE space probes have captured the following sounds from planets & other celestial bodies in our solar system.  



1. The Sun


Our Sun is not just majestic to the eyes (& harmful, no doubt) but produces massive drum like vibrations!





2. Mercury


Mercury sounds like a monster out to hunt, in the savannahs – a quiet and stealthy growl!





3. Venus


Venus, the planet closest to the Earth towards the sunny side sounds like, well this:





4. Earth


Our green planet sounds like a clipping from one of the Star Wars movies, with spacecraft swooshing past your ears!





5. Mars


God! we hope that there's life on Mars because she sounds literally like someone speaking to us in a different, totally unknown language!





6. Jupiter


Jupiter isn't all that harsh on the ears. She produces a mellow howl; we could listen to this forever.





7. Saturn


Saturn sound's like a sci-fi horror flick, screeching, screaming at the top of her voice!





8. Uranus


Uranus is HUGE (LOL!). It sounds like there's a lot of activity going on under all that gas!





9. Neptune


The true horror unfolds on Neptune! Go on listen to this, eerie, creepy, windy noise/music!





10. Pluto


The dwarf-planet Pluto sounds really fascinating and more like the soothing sound of the Buddhist singing bowls!





11. Miranda – one of Uranus's satellites (moons)


This is the 5th & innermost satellite of Uranus! Also called Uranus V.





12. Rings of Uranus


Not many know that Uranus has its own set of rings, it is far too faint to be visible without a powerful telescope. Listen to its melodies.





13. Saturn's Rings


Saturn's rings form a lovely disc around the planet, and apparently also sing!





14. IO – one of Jupiter's satellites (moons)


It is the innermost of the four moons of Jupiter.





You can get the full set of audio on Amazon & iTunes – Symphonies of the Planets

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