Meet The Sexiest Nurse In The World Who Is Trending Worldwide

Social media is a crazy place to be in. In a matter of few minutes, one can become a subject of trolling or an item of sensationCarina Linn is the new social media sweetheart. She has been described as the "Sexiest Nurse In The World".

Every man has this wild fantasy of getting cursed by a super hot nurse instead of medicine or doctor. Only such fantasies could only be fulfilled in movies and adult videos unless you are under the care of Carina Linn of Taiwan. She has become a social media sensation after her photos on Instagram went viral overnight. No wonders why the hospital where she works in gets an overflow of patients booking her rather than the doctor. 



1. Booking Nurse Over Doctors 



Your wild fantasy of you being taken full care by a sensual and seductive nurse can come true if you book a bed in Min-Sheng General Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan where Carlina Linn works in as a full timer. She is merely 23 and has already one of the most popular non-celebrity personality on Instagram.


2. Instagram Record



She has posted only 63 posts and already has over 4,96,000 followers which are a record in itself. She opened her account casually and posted some sensational photos just to showcase her beautiful curves among her limited followers. However, most of her photos went viral, and she became a social media sensation. 


3. Heart and Roses



Her resume is quite interesting as she has a license for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Supporter and Basic Life Supporter. She is completely obsessed with roses of all kinds. She keeps on posting different roses on her Instagram account. 


4. Hater Will Hate



Along with popularity, she faced a lot of heat too on social media for her revealing outfits and being a so-called disgrace to the nursing profession. But she bashed the haters by saying that she is a full-time nurse who loves her job. She is not a model, and certainly, doe snot wants to be a celebrity. She posts photos just like every other girl because this makes her feel happy. 


5. For Fun Or Fame?



In spite of her justification of being a normal girl and not attention hungry, she has posted a controversial video where she kissed another girl and label it as "kissing a girl to know how it feels like". 


6. Soon To Be A Cover Girl?



Currently, she is no more working as a nurse in the hospital because of social media outrage from a certain section of nurse and doctors. But she has been endorsing a lot of products and might just venture into the modeling world as several top fashion agencies have approached her. Rumors are going around that she could well be the next cover girl for the popular Playboy magazine. 


7. Dig At Other Jealous Nurses



She also took a dig at the other nurses and doctors who were strongly opinionated that a nurse can not portray such outrageous stuff wearing nurse outfit. She said that such people need to get a life rather than being jealous that a nurse can be caring and dedicated to her job and yet enjoy her life after her working hours are over. 


8. Peak Of Sensuality



Who does not love cheap publicity especially when you can become a worldwide sensation overnight? It does not matter what her intentions are as long as she is entertaining people by posting sizzling images and drooling videos for every follower. 


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