Luxury Indian Trains You Must Travel With Your Partner

India is the home of railways and the railway is the heart of the country. Apart from the regular trains, there are some luxurious trains available that are renowned all over the world. You have to see them to believe the lavishness they offer. Check out the top 5 best Luxury Indian Trains you can go on a honeymoon in.

The Fancy Maharajas

The train is prepared with striking rooms and cabins. It also has well-furnished bars, butler services and high masters waiting to supply to your every craze and fancy. This exacting train has been held as one of the 5 most lavish trains in the universe. The services are accessible from October to April. One can pick from the 5 different route choices provided: The Heritage of India, Gems of India, The Indian Panorama, The Indian Splendour, The Treasures of India.

Royal Rajasthan On Wheels

The train includes 14 lavish cabins which are arranged to feature royal mansions. It also provides multi-cuisine restaurants, spa services, and bars. To discover the best of the Land of the Royals, take on for the Royal Rajasthan on wheels. It generates for a superlative quality experience that you’re not likely to forget. You’ll be regarded like a royal. You will get to see peak attractions such as Taj Mahal, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, the Khajuraho temples and more.


The Deccan Odyssey

This is a 5-star train designated to feature the accommodations of emperors of diverse eras. Aside from a lavish spa, the train also provides magnificently designed palace-like rooms, a business meeting conference car, lounges for leisure and more. Deccan Odyssey plies to Maharashtra and Gujarat amid October and April with the following routes: Maharashtra Splendour, Indian Odyssey, Hidden Treasures of Gujarat, Indian Soujourn, Jewels of the Deccan, Maharashtra Wild Trail.


The Fairy Queen Express

This is one of India’s oldest lavish trains and functions on the oldest steam locomotive, which was constructed long ago, in 1855. You can reserve the Fairy Queen express for a short trip and still travel in style. The train insides are delightful and it takes you to Alwar and Sariska.  It is functional from October to March and operates on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. The period is only one night and two days.


The Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot was presented the title of Asia’s leading lavish train back in 2013 and it still goes along to provide patrons delightfully. They have well-furnished bars, multi-cuisine restaurants, a mini gym, and even an Ayurveda spa. The insides are attractively glam up, making certain that you will want for nothing. Discover the south of India alongside this lavish train. They are known for their sound hospitality. The duration is 7 nights and 8 days.



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