11 Interesting And Unknown Albert Einstein Facts That Nobody Told You

Did you know that Albert Einstein was born with such a big head that his parents thought he had deformation? Einstein requires no introduction who gave the world the most famous and dangerous equation and busted the most complicated theory of Relativity.

He is deemed by many as the greatest human being ever walked on Earth. There are many things we do not know about the personal life of this Nobel Laureate genius. Todays, we are unveiling some of the interesting Albert Einstein facts that you will be surprised to learn.



Albert Einstein Facts For Kids 



1. The Inventor Of Atomic Bomb

Many people believed that Einstein was the inventor of the atomic bomb as it was based on his popular equation E=mc2. But the fact is he was opposed to war, and when he invented the equation, he regretted it.

It was actually the Germans who used the equation to invent the atomic bomb. Even though he was a German, he moved to the US when the Nazis took over Germany. He even warned the President of the United States about the secret invention of the atomic bomb by Germans. 


2. Pastime Activities

When he was not discovering anything, he used to play piano and violin. Apart from that, he used to support all the movements directed towards the peace of the world as during his time, the world was going through turmoil. He also loved bird watching.


3. Schooling and Interests



Einstein never liked to go to school. He wanted everything to learn by himself. He was always interested in Science and Maths. His father bought his a compass which the like scientific instrument he used. It was instrumental in his inspiration and interest towards the electromagnetic field. 


4. Timeline of Albert Einstein

He was born in Germany on 14th March 1879. In 1900, he graduated from the prestigious Polytechnic Academy with a degree in Maths and Physics. In 1903, he married his girlfriend. In 1915, he completed his General Theory of Relativity. In 1919, he divorced his wife and married his cousin. 

In 1921, he was awarded Nobel not for his theory of relativity but for his law of photoelectric effect. In 1933, he moved to America. In 1945, Einstein witnessed the end of World War II. On 18th April 1955, Albert Einstein died due to heart failure. He had three children.


Unknown and Intriguing Albert Einstein Facts



5. Speech Problem

Until he was nine years old, he found it hard to speak. He was so slow in his speech that his grandmother thought he was born stupid. When his parents asked him why he spoke so seldom, he said that everything was always in order


6. Disorganized

Albert Einstein was very forgetful in his life. He never used to remember the appointments, names, and numbers. He did not care about his look and hence, in most of his photos, you will find him having uncombed hair. He also hated to cut his hair.


7. Dark Personal Life

Einstein married his girlfriend cum classmate Mileva, but due to unfaithfulness, she divorced him. He married his own cousin Elsa, and it is also said that he was about to marry Elsa's daughter from her ex-husband. Her daughter was 18 years younger than Einstein.

After marrying Elsa, he cheated her with his secretary, but Elsa did not protest. He spent nights with six other women. His relationship with his children from Mileva was not good and left a very little inheritance. It is said that Einstein also had an illegitimate daughter before marrying Mileva.


8. Relaxation

He loves to sail alone with a boat, and while sailing, he would take out a notebook and write down what they used to think intensely. He called this his relaxation, and he did not know to swim. He also used to play a violin when he used to get stuck in his thought process.

He said that if he were not a scientist, he would have been a musician.  He was an avid smoker. His rooms were failed with smoke more often than not. He said pipe smoking helped to clear his head and bring a natural calmness. 


9. Failure In Life



Well, Einstein failed in an entrance exam when he was 16. But his maths and physics papers were exceptional. If he had passed the exam, he would have been studying electrical engineering. He invented the refrigerator, but by the time he got its patents, another improved refrigerator was invented. 


10. Was He Anti-Science?

Due to the weakening of his heart condition, doctors suggested him to take a surgery to fix a burst blood vessel. Due he refused to do so saying it is tasteless to prolong life artificially. He also stated that Physical concepts are creations of human mind. What you can observe is based on the theory you believe in your mind. Reality could be completely different. 

11. The Brain Of Albert Einstein

When Einstein was alive, there was no way to measure IQ score, but still he is cosidered an one of the scientist with the highest iq. After his death, his brain was taken out of his head and was kept in a jar for 43 years. Later it was sliced and sent to different scientists to analyze. An element with atomic number 99 was named 'Einsteinium' after his name.

In 1999, Time Magazine rightfully declared Albert Einstein as the Person of the Century.   


Hope you learned some new and intriguing things about of God of Science that nobody told you before. Stay tuned for many such interesting articles. 


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