11 Hilarious Truths About Married Life Nobody Will Tell You

After marriage the life changes completely everything takes its new path new way and a new look. Married people start to understand each other and starts living for each other and according to each other. And for sure married life is not as easy as we all bachelor’s think!



Here's the list of hilarious truths about marriage and married life:


1. No more savings!




No more savings

After you get married, all your savings and worth becomes her! Either you are earning in thousands and millions it’s all hers now and she will make you reduce your expenses! Calm your tits dude it is mandatory.


2. Do share and care for each other


Share and care

After marriage, you have to be caring for her! And you must share everything you have with her, even your closet also. Or else you have to pay an enormous amount for this. Learn how to share with and care for your spouse.


3. Look the way you don’t get caught!


Looking at other ladies when with wife


Be aware of your wife’s eyes while watching other sexy ladies passing by your side! Once caught you will be over! Stop checking out girls to be on a safer side unless and until you are a pro at this.


4. Don’t expect any work from your hubby!


Cooking job

Don’t give any kitchen work to your hubby; his humor can land him on the couch! If you want to experiment, then be ready to skip the dinner or lunch.


5. Some men are mamma’s boy kind!


Mamma's boy

Married life is a challenge! You must remember you have married a mamma’s boy! So, you have to tackle the situation according to the mood of your partner and mother-in-law.


6. Dare you! Never say she is fat.


Am i fat ?

Never say your wife that she is fat and if you said it then be ready for a blast! Always pamper your girl and tell her she is very beautiful the way she is.


7. Married life is always the same!

Wife will be wife

Don’t expect your wife to change; she will always be the same as she was but it’s you who will change definitely! Wives are always on a safer side.


8. Don’t expect grocery shopping from your husband!

Grocery shopping

Men are too lazy to go shopping with you, and when they do it alone you will be offered with something that you have never expected!


9. Do not complain!

Do not complain

If you complain about anything to her regarding small things you will be offered with her strong side! She is always correct, and you should mind before questioning. LOL !


10. You will have to ignore fart!


Keep no secrets

The secret of married life, keep no secrets. Not even your fart! And science says, partners who fart together, stays together forever.


11. Will get ready in 5 minutes! Ha-ha.. never faith that!


wife lies on getting ready in 5 minutes!

Never faith her words “will be ready in 5 minutes”. It’s a big trap! However, a girl never thinks in such a way, as she believes she took the time to be the prettiest lady in the party to make her man proud.


Thus, these were some of the things nobody will tell you ever you have to deal with it yourself! So be ready you bachelors! Cheers !




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