5 signs that right away proves that you are not meant for marriage


Everyone is not blessed with the sanctity of marriage. In marriage life, there are lots of hard work and both needs to compromise. Some couples just amaze us by staying together for their entire lives. To be in a committed relationship, there are so many things one of the partners has to give up. Some of them might not be ready for the marriage at present, or forever then nothing is wrong in it.


We are here to help you a bit; there are signs which can help you to stay away from marriage.



1. Your career means everything to you.




Your life goal is to become a CEO at your company. You might not be ready for the marriage, and you will feel right when you get another project for work. This is a tip for you; then you can settle down at this time. 



2. You are powerful and independent.




You must keep this thing in your mind, when you are married, you have to sacrifice a lot. If you want to watch your favorite movie on your date night but you can't because your partner is not in the mood. Be yourself, but it is hard to be yourself in marriage.



3. You judge everything that breathes and moves.




Judging anyone or oneself is in our nature. If you love someone and thinks to stay rest of your life with him/her then commit your life to them, then you should rethink your judgment level. 




4. You prefer solitude.




Some people like to spend more time alone than others. Some need alone time only. In your marriage life sometimes you just want to stay alone. There are some questions which will help you to decide is that wedding for you or not? Are you ready to share your personal time with your partner? You both will do something to do?



5. You are protective of your personal space.





When you stay with someone, it means all the time you have another person around you. From the starting of the day until the end you have to share each and everything with your partner. If you are so protective and you don't like someone touch your things that marriage life is not for you.


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