Feeling Lonely In A Relationship? Here Is Why And How To Get Over It


Feeling lonely in a relationship that has spanned over a few years is a common thing. Instead of being depressed, you should utilize your time to understand the reasons behind your loneliness. Today, we are going to tell you the common reasons behind feeling lonely in a relationship and how to get over it easily. 


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Reasons For Lonely Feeling 


1. Distance Is The Culprit 




If you are in a relationship where your partner has to depart to a distant place suddenly for professional purpose, you are going to miss his or her touches and feeling of togetherness. It is very normal and you would require some time to get used to it.




2. Lack Of Communication 




If you are not talking too much in your life with other people other than your partner, you are begging to be lonely naturally. Generally, people in relationships tend to ignore their friends and give more priority to their partners and once the distance is created in a relationship, it is tough to get back to the friends whom you have ignored.




3. Suspense Is Over  




Once the suspense of physical intimacy gets over, naturally a loneliness comes up in a relationship and it is a phase with which you will get used to. Therefore, you should try out new moves and keep the suspense going as if every day is the first day in your relationship. 




4. Identity Crisis




When you are in a relationship, you have to modify your character to be let your partner be happy. But if you lose your identity in the process, in a very short time, you will feel lonely and isolated from the rest of the world.




5. Not Satisfying Your Need




If you partner is not giving you the same importance as before and ignoring your wants and needs, a feeling of loneliness is inevitable. This is a grave problem that needs to be addressed with detailed conversation. 




How To Get Over It?


1. Talk To Your Friends




Do not ignore your friends in the first place. Always stay connected with your friends. When your partner isn't there, friends will be. Talk to them if you feel lonely.




2. Keep An Interesting Hobby




Feeling of loneliness comes when you do not do anything in idle time. Therefore, when you have time, engage yourself in a productive activity that is fun and interesting.




3. Meet New People




Human mind always seeks for something new. Therefore, you should keep an open mind about meeting new people, talking to them casually without hitting on them. 




4. Don't Hide From Your Partner




You should never hide anything from your partner. Tell him or her your wants and needs. You can also share your feeling of loneliness and workout something to dissolve it.




5. Find the Root Cause




If nothing is working for you, then the problem is somewhere else. You need to invest time to observe yourself nicely and find out the root cause and eliminate it as soon as you can. 



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