This Is What Your Feet Say About Your Health!

We all can agree that our feet go through the most throughout the day. Interestingly, your feet hold the key to our health and if you can read them perfectly, you can predict the correct state of your health. They are various clues visible on our feet about our health state that most of us do not know about. The following is the list of all those warning signs you need to watch out for.

Sunken Nails –

When the nails become thin and lose the convexity becoming flat, it is indicating iron deficiency. In other words, anemia is on on the hunt and it is most noticeable in women after pregnancy. If left untreated, it can lead to chest pain, fatigue, breathing shortness, headache and much more.

Hairless Feet –

You will notice that most of the people have hair on their feet irrespective of the gender. If it happens out of nowhere, you should know that you are suffering from some blood circulation and cardiovascular problems. Arteriosclerosis is the common suspect where the arteries become too hardened.

Changing Color Of the Toes –

If your toes are changing their color, it is a sign of Raynaud’s disease. You might feel your toes and fingers rather cold and numb. It is a problem with the arteries carrying blood to the affected area. You need to massage and get physiotherapy to return to the normal state.

Deformed Feet –

If you notice that your toes are deforming and you are experiencing severe pain in certain regions, it is a sign of gout. You might have a higher level of uric acid in the blood and they are building up in the joints as uric crystals. You have to check your diet.

Red Soles –

If you sole is becoming red, painful, and numb, it is an indication of serious illness. It is most likely to be due to a blood clot and there can be blockage in the lungs. In the long run or even short term, several pulmonary complications can arise.

Numbness –

It is a rather common happening in many these days and it is due to the damage in the nerves. The condition is called neuropathy and it can be due to diabetes and high blood glucose level.

Yellow Toenails –

Yellow toenails are most likely due to fungal infection and it is not very rare. You have to improve your hygiene and wear socks, try breathable shoes, and not make the feet sweaty.

Apart from these, are are various other signs like cold feet, swelling, flaky feet and much more which indicate an abnormality.

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