Top Ten Automatic Watches For Men That Will Your Personality Classic!


Automatic watches are those that do not require any battery to operate. It harnesses the energy of the movement of the hand and operates all its inner functions. Naturally, the cost of the watches is on the higher side, and hence, it adds value to your personality. Here are the top ten automatic watches for men and you must have one at least.



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1. Victorinox Alliance Swiss 




It has one of the classic designs with steel and silver combination. It is polished and comes with a see through case back. It also has date display tab and anti-reflection crystals. 


Price: $530




2. Seiko Prospex SRP775




Seiko is known for automatic watches, and the perfect black and silver combination is great for young men. It is popularly called the turtle for its look. The watch is built to survive for ages.


Price: $350




3. Hamilton Khaki King 




Hamilton is popular for military watches and Khaki King is a specially designed automatic watch for those who do not want to wear heavy and complicated looking watches. 


Price: $545




4. Tudor Pelagos




Well, this is a dream watch for all the men for sure. It has the best design with the classic combination of blue and silver. It is best of business professionals, and you have to shed 4 Grand for it.


Price: $4,400




5. Tag Heuer Monza Reissue




For all those men who opt for all black color watches, this is designed for them. It looks amazingly beautiful, and it is the modernization of vintage look. There is no fear of scratching in it. 


Price: $5,200




6. Carl Brashear 




It is a limited edition automatic watch, and it is golden in color with navy blue inside. It is a vintage watch with bezel outfit. It is really unique in look and stands out automatically.


Price: $2,800




7. Rolex Datejust 




Finally, Rolex is here. Well, nothing feels expensive unless you put on a Rolex watch. It has power reserves of 70 hours and the perfect combination of golden and silver color makes it one of the best sellers. 


Price: $12,330




8. Drive de Cartier




It is simple, sleek and simply lovely. It has 40-millimeter case and Roman numeral dial. But the price is really high and it makes it one of the most dreamed about watches by men.


Price: $6,250




9. Bremont Jaguar MKI




It is one of the most expensive watches in the world costing above 11 grand. It is simple yet has a modern look about it. It is polished and shiny which will attract all eyes.


Price: $11,395




10. Omega Seamaster 300 Titanium




Well, we saved the best for the last. You just cannot take your eyes off it because it is just sexy in look. It is sleek and a masterpiece from Omega. Start saving money and make it a lifetime goal. 


Price: $9,000


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