The 10 Most Expensive Metal List Is Something Beyond Your Imagination!


Most of us have a notion that Gold is the most precious and valuable metal is the world. But we have no idea that there are two more metals which are more expensive than Gold. Get ready to go through the list of the most expensive metal in the world and refresh your general knowledge.



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1. Rhodium




It costs around $39,641 per kg. It is a noble metal and the most expensive metal in the world. It is quite rare and used in the nuclear reactor.




2. Platinum




It costs around $38,902 per kg. Platinum jewelry is a common item to buy and keep in safe just like Gold. It has an amazing lustrous look and used in dentistry and weaponry. With the rise in the global economy, platinum will overcome Gold in terms of human possession. Maybe you should start accumulating in bits and pieces.




3. Gold




It costs around $38,130 per kg. Gold is the most possessed item by human beings in form of Jewelry. It is also used in dentistry because some people want to have golden teeth cap.




4. Palladium




It costs around $25, 559 per kg. It is a very rare metal and found in some selected parts of European countries. It is used widely in the automobile industry and by electronics manufacturers.




5. Iridium




It costs around $15,432 per kg. It is found in South Africa. It is one of the densest elements with high melting point. It is used in automobiles and expensive gift items.




6. Osmium




It costs around $12,217 per kg. It is amazingly lustrous. It is bluish-silver in color. it is used in electronic goods and mostly found in Rusia and South America.




7. Rhenium




It costs around $2, 425 per kg. It has the third highest melting point among all metals. It is used in turbine and useful in making superalloy.




8. Ruthenium




It costs around $1,865 per kg. It falls in the same group as the Platinum. It is very popular in electronics field due to its chemical properties.




9. Silver




It costs around $441 per kg. Silver is a widely used metal in Jewelry as well as in electrical wires on precious goods because of its best electrical and thermal conductivity.




10. Indium




It costs around $325 per kg. It is obtained from the processing of Zinc, Lead, Iron and Copper ores.  It is very shiny and widely used in the coating of surfaces. It is corrosive-resistant and also gets used as semiconductors.



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