6 Things That Are Controlled By Our Genes

There are a lot of people who do not believe in destiny. They think that they are the creators of everything happening in their lives. While it can be true to be maximum extent, there are still a few things we do not have a say about. There are things we inherit and we have no control over them. The following is the list of things that we derived from our genes that have come from generations in the dark past.

Armpit –

If you have a sweaty armpit, it is going to smell. It is true for at least 98% of people. But there are 2% of people who have ABCC11 gene that does not make them stinky. It makes the body produce less amino acid and therefore, less bacterial growth. Besides, people with the gene have dry earwax.

Music –

It is always said that a person can be a musician if he has it in his gene. There are many who believe that kids exposed to music at an early age, they have a greater chance of making it big in music as they grow up. However, it has genetics implications as found out by scientists.

Relationship –

We can all agree that relationship is the source of happiness as well as sadness in everyone’s life apart from other major factors. Our genes can determine our mentality towards a relationship. it can determine whether a person wants to stay single or want to mingle. To be more specific, a particular form of 5-HT1A gene makes people stay single.

Infidelity –

From the relationship, we come to over-relationship. They say that infidelity is in your gene. The scientists have performed various surveys and researches to come to the conclusion that it is true to a major extent. Most of the people cheat because they enjoy the thrill and DRD4 gene is responsible which controls dopamine.

Sleep –

Human beings sleep almost seven hours but there are many who crosses it in the downside as well as the upside. People who need only a few hours of sleep, they have p. Tyr362HIS, which is called the Thatcher gene.

Fear –

Different people have fear of different objects. Some are afraid of height, some of spiders and insects and likewise. It is directly linked with our gene and due to the permutation and combination of genes, you will also find people with fear of weird objects such as flowers, fishes, butterfly and likewise.

Apart from that, gaining weight, spending money and making out are all related to gene.

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