7 Serial Killers Who Are Still Unidentified Murderers

It is very difficult to understand the mind of the murderers they say. It is impossible to read the mind of most of the serial killers because they do not seem to have any motive. They do it just because they like it and that is why the investigators cannot follow a particular trend and predict the next victim. There are top 7 serial killers who are still unidentified and maybe living within us.

Seven Bridges Killing

Edgecombe and Halifax is the only place which we can call a city in between rocky mountain. This is the place where seven bridges serial killer was active whose main target was black women who were into prostitution and drug addiction. In this case, there was a lady naming Melody Wiggins was the first victim of those killers. Pittman is the main suspect of seven bridge killing but does not carry any types of charges.

Atlanta Ripper

In the year 1912, there was a serial killer who murdered black women and left their body in the streets. There is a case of murdering 13 different women and mutilated them. It is evident that Atlanta Ripper has murdered 21 women altogether and also that some of the cases had a sexual assault.

Dr. No

This murderer first came to the local news for the murder of 23-year-old girl naming Shirley Dean Taylor. In the year 1986, her body was at the back of the traffic barrier. She was famous as a working girl and the one who murdered her removed all her clothes and jewelry. Later on, some of his information was at the news who was Middle Eastern man with Dark hair between the age of 25 to 40.

Rainbow Maniac

This man hails from Brazil and is also famous as Patrius Park. He was a serial killer whose main targets were homosexual of Carapicuiba. He is responsible for 13 deaths and is also responsible for deaths of three other people who hail from Osasco. After lots of effort by the Brazilian police, he was not guilty by a jury.

Freeway Phantom

The city of America Washington DC was not in a good position after the murder of Martin Luther King. The city saw a riot of four days which resulted in the deaths of 13 people. There was racial violence and there appears Phantom. A 13-year-old girl was murdered and her body was missing for six days and later on, they come to know that there is a proof of sexual assault.

New Bed Ford Highway Killer

The city of Massachusetts become home to certain numbers of serial killing. The initial victim was Debra Medeiros. Her body was a skeleton when it came to the scene. The other victim got trapped around the autumn of 1988. Later on, he was inside the lockup in 2009 in the case of shoplifting but he was dead in the year 2010.

Stone Man

He is famous as a legend of urban age and the city like Mumbai also had a stone man. In the year 1989 around 13 people lost their lives and most of them were homeless. They say that the killer was a young man and police of Kolkata was not able to trace him. There was a killer name Pandhi also attacked his victims by hitting their skulls by stones.




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