How To Sleep Comfortably During Hot Weather?

The summer time is the most uncomfortable time to sleep well. That is why most of the people prefer rainy and winter season. If you do not have AC at home, you can still sleep comfortably and well during the hot weather. There are certain hacks available to ensure that same. We have listed them for you and do let us know how well they work.

Unplug  appliances

It is better to check all the plugged appliances at night if any. This reason is that plugged appliances at night generate a huge amount of heat which in turn raises the temperature of heat inside the room. In this way, you will be able to save energy as well as keeping the cool temperature of your room.

Sleep downstairs

It depends if a person lives in an independent house it is better to sleep downstairs during summers. It is very important for you to know that mist if the downstairs rooms are much cooler than the rooms upstairs. It is advisable to sleep downstairs for better sleep during summers.

Keeping room cool

It’s better to keep room condition cool and do not let it get warm before sleeping. In order to do this, it’s better to shut the window and door of your room throughout all day in order to prevent hot and warm air from getting inside. This is because if the air inside is hotter than the air inside than its better to shut the doors and windows.

Cool your pulse point

It’s better to keep your neck and pulse point cool that helps in keeping the cool temperature of your body. This is because the blood cells of our body are very near and are in contact with our skin and keeping the cool condition of our list and neck allows maintaining the cool condition of our body.

Take a warm shower

It very strange but taking a warm shower before going to bed is a good habit. Taking a warm water bath allows your body to adapt to hot weather condition. In a study, they find that those runners who take hit bath were able to adjust in a hot weather condition and gave a good performance.

Food and drinks

It is very good and safe to have light food before going to bed during the summers. In order to burn calories, our digestive system needs to work very hard which in turns results in producing more heat and raises the temperature of the body. On the other side its good to control alcohol habit.

Clothes that you wear

It’s very important to wear loose and lightweight clothes in order to have better and sweet sleep. It’s better to wear cotton clothes that help in absorbing seat easily.


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