8 Logical Reasons Why Kissing Is Important In A Relationship?

A research conducted by the prestigious Oxford University shows that when you are in a relationship, kissing helps to keep your partner stick around you without losing any interest. It has also been found that a bad first kiss will make your potential partner losing interest in you.

Furthermore, the variety in kissing is extremely important to keep up the suspense and there are different types of kisses you can try out to make it a passionate yet fun activity. Here are the ultimate reasons why kissing is important in a relationship and beyond. 



Reasons Why Kissing Is Important In A Relationship?


1. Creating A Connection


The mouth is the doorway to the soul. Kissing is the act of connecting two souls. By kissing your partner, you are getting intimately close to your partner and your partner's body will unconsciously get addicted to yours. It is the act of touching of skin that does the magic. Over the time, it makes your bonding stronger. 


2. Creating A Long-Term Prospect


When you kissing your lover, both of you are losing the sense of time and place for some moments. You are actually creating your own space of happiness.  It is a fact that human beings always love to be in the company of opposite gender people who make them. With no other disruptive factor, it is natural for your relationship to last long. 


3. The Scientific Reason


Everything that a human body does can be explained with scientific evidence. While a person is kissing, it releases oxytocin hormone while increases attachment and cortisol hormone which reduces stress. So, after a rough day, a long and connected kiss can make you forget the worst side of your life.


4. Action Speaks Louder Than Words


When you are in a relationship, you have to show that you love your partner. If you don't do that, the connection and attachment will start decreasing and both of you would lose interesting. The easiest way of showing love is by using the three magical words "I Love You". But in the long run, it might sound too mechanical. Therefore, kissing is an alternative way to show instead of saying that you love and care for your lover.


5. Romance In Relationship


Kissing is romantic and both men and women agree to it. It increases the emotional attachment along with physical aspects. When you get into a relationship, romance dies down after the initial days. Hence different types of kisses can rekindle the romance in your relationship. 


6. Sorting Issues 


The idiom 'kiss and make up' is quite popular. It means with a simple kiss, you are sort out any issue that is developing in your relationship. It is the best way to say sorry if you have hurt your partner unconsciously. A passionate kiss can actually save your relationship for good. 


7. Arousal And Going Deeper


A relationship cannot thrive without physical lovemaking. A kiss is just the starting point of physical intimacy. Kissing in sensitive spots arouses the senses and body as a whole. It is a gateway to go deeper and have an awesome sex for the relationship to become permanent. 


8. Following The Trend



It is a general tradition for a couple in a relationship to kiss quite often. A study has shown that a couple in a long relationship needs to kiss at least once to be happy. On the other hand, a relatively new relationship requires three to four kisses a day to make it healthy and prosperous. 


Along with kissing varieties, if you are a guy, you should know where exactly to kiss a girl to make her moan. If you are a girl, you should participate equally and know how to kiss a guy so that he begs for more. 



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