8 Tips to Know How To Kiss A Guy To Make Him Crave For More?

Kissing is the first physical intimate move for a couple in a relationship. Kissing is considered to be the most passionate way to show your love and care for your partner. If you are wondering why kissing is so important in a relationship, there are scientific reasons to explain it. Kissing helps in releasing oxytocin which enhances physical and emotional attachment and strengthens bonding. 

Even though guys are more sexual dominate in a relationship, girls often feel the urge to kiss their guys and make the moment memorable. New couples kiss at least three times a day on an average. Here are the steps on how to kiss a guy perfectly. 



Tips to Know How to Kiss A Guy?


1. Get Yourself Ready


The necessities of having a memorable kiss are good breath and confidence. Some girls are so nervous that their kiss turns out to be a disaster. Use a mouth freshener spray to taste good, lip bum to make lips softer and a little imagination to practice your kissing session all by yourself.

2. Prepare Your Guy


Before you actually kiss your guy, you need to prepare him so that it does become too awkward. You can hold his palm, rub his hand gently, interlock your fingers or lean on his shoulder to break the physical touching barrier. It is a sign that you are willing to get intimate.

3. Get Close To His Face


You should not make it too obvious for your guy to understand that you are going to kiss because unsaid kisses are the most memorable ones. Therefore, make it natural and organic. Flirt a little and make eye contact and slowly move your face close to his. Your breath should become heavy, and your voice should turn into whispers.

4. Take It Easy – Slow and Soft


Slowly touch his lips with yours and softly get hold of them. Take it easy and slowly suck and massage his upper and lower lip with yours alternatively. Do not be in a hurry to go too deep unless your guy wants to.


5. Put Your Hands Into Action


You can do wonders to your guy with your hands while kissing. Just like women have the erogenous zone to turn them on, guys too have them. You can either put your arms around his neck like embracing him, or you can simple touch his face and rub it unconsciously. When you kiss him deeper, run your finger through his hair and grab them softly to make him go wild. If you want a romantic kiss, place your arm his chest. 


6. Going Deeper


When you stroke your fingers and pull his hair gently, he will get turned on and kiss you deeper. Touch your body with his and feel him up and go for an open-mouth kiss. Do not worry, open-mouth kiss makes your immune system stronger. 


7. Bring Some Variations 


There could be a lot of variation while kissing like you bite his lips with your teeth, slowly break the lip kiss and kiss on his neck and nibble his earlobe to turn him on to the extremely or even as simple as moving your head position. You can also vary the speed and intensity of kissing. Sometimes, you can let your guy take in charge.


8. Sliding the Tongue


French kiss is the best type of kiss when your guy is fully turned on. If he is pressing your hips, touching your breast or kissing you aggressively, he wants to go the full way. In a French kiss, you need to start by licking his lips with your tongue and then slide it inside to touch his tongue and playing with it.


Break the kiss slowly before the natural ending and leave him wanting for more. He would not be able to wait too long to meet you again and take it to the next level. 



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