90s Kids vs Today’s Kids: 9 Real Childhood Things Little Beings are Missing Out!



90s kids happily enjoy the pride of awesomeness integrally associated with their birth year and a little credit, if not a lot, has to go to today’s kids, in front of whom the lifestyle of 90s kids sound all the more awesome. At times, you can’t help but feel pity for the kids who are missing out on so much of “real childhood fun”. Nothing against the new kids but this comparison is evident enough to know what all is absent in their lives and that’s sheer sadness.




1. Duck Tales vs Doraemon


Some time or another, we all have had a discussion on the fucked up cartoons that today’s kids are excited about. Yeah, Chhota Bheem and Doraemon. Poor things don’t even know about Batman, Captain Planet, Jungle Book, DuckTales, TaleSpin, Powerpuff Girls, Mickey Mouse, well, so many of the epic cartoons that we had. Tch!






2. Galli Cricket vs Tuition


90s kids were blessed with a colony or joint family gang playing Galli Cricket and Badminton, cycling together and innovating new games to play. Kids of this age don’t have time for such stuff, thanks to school, tuitions, activity class and loads of homework. The ones who get sports in the activity class are the only lucky ones. What do you say!





3. Landline vs Smartphones


Remember the one landline phone for the whole family? Remember the looks they would give when you'd be talking on the phone? Lack of a lot of mediums for communication was actually a plus point for we would look forward to going to school or play in the noon to chill with friends. Kids today have Whatsapp and phones and fashion-communication and what do they look forward to? Nothing.






4. Just Friends?


Yes, kids of the twentieth-cursed-century have to wonder about that when they are in what, 5th-6th standard? We probably used to hate the opposite sex that time and even if we would not want the kids to be that barbaric now, a sixth class couple is not an idea that we would like to think of either. But, here they are!






5. Smoking from 9, really?


If that’s coming new to you, you probably just haven’t met the new generation 11ths and 12ths who are “pros” at smoking and up, since they started smoking when they were 9 years old/new. Well, we also did that, only with a minor difference of the cigarette being a 90's candy and us mimicking our Daddy’s style of exhaling the smoke. Smoking from 9, why not!






6. Mario vs Candy Crush


Remember those small video games with cassettes that were a struggle to put in and to put out? And we had epic games like Mario, Contra, Tetris, etc. Among today’s kids, there are ones who only play laptop and mobile games and don’t know what playing with a console feels like. Else, there are richies who have got x-box and fanciness and still play weird games. Candy-Crush baby, bleh!






7. Walkman vs iPod


90s kids had the privilege to walk around with the cool Walkman with reel cassettes and we have all done the deed of stretching out the reel and circling it back, some fun! On the other hand, 2000’s kids listen to the music being played on TV or on the mobiles and iPods of their parents and elderlies and will never know what possessing a Walkman ever feels like. Shya!






8. Stuff Toys vs Real Toys


While kids of today enjoy the grown-up laziness and only play with mobile toy, iPad toy, laptop toy and have stuff toys (that too that they hardly play with), they don’t know that earlier, kids used to play together with other kids, all the time active, creatively using the toys, strategizing the rules, taking measures not to wake the elders up and what not!







9. Romance vs Boyfriend Count


90s kids had those exclusive, special couples of the class whom everyone would help, deliver the letters, exchange the messages, give gifts on behalf, real romance, you know? Romance for today’s kids is rather a style statement: How cool, you have had 4 girlfriends last year; Ew, she doesn’t have a boyfriend, obviously, she is so ugly! *ugh*





Only 20 years and so much of change! Which is better, I have my ideas but do put down yours: Do you agree? Do today’s kids have a better lifestyle? Hope you enjoyed reading this. Cheers!





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