9 punishments at kiddies which proves your chilhood must be wondrous


It’s an obvious answer that everyone misses their school days. Days spent in school are the best days of our life and recollecting those days are the best ever memories in our life. I believe, school life is the happiest time in everyone's life even though we had gone through punishments. Thinking of those punishments will definitely bring a smile on your face. Following are some of the punishments which you must had been gone through.


1. Stand up on the bench


This is a very common and easy punishment in our school days. Somebody enjoy this more as fun rather than punishment.




2. Murga


This is very often and difficult punishment ever in our childhood days. Punished kid has to hold the years by squatting and looping the arms behind the knees. Uff!! So painful….



3. Kneel Down


Kneeling down holding ears in front of the class is absolutely an embarrassing situation for most of us. However, now it leaves a smile on our face when remembering those days.



4. Canned with a Ruler


Ahh!!! It’s hurting. When teacher canned the palm with a ruler it even hurts us more than injection.



5. Sit ups


Sit ups are punishment in childhood and necessity now. Zing!!! Nowadays sit ups are our basic necessity to stay fit. However, in childhood days it was very humiliating



6. Pens in-between fingers


This punishment is given especially when you have bad handwriting. Pen is placed within the fingers and pressed tightly and it hurts a lot.




7. Criss-cross holding ears


Your reputation in the class will be definitely going to get hampered if you are given this punishment. It’s very irritating when friend teases us for this.



8. Out of the class..!!!


Everyone out there must have faced this punishment once in a while. For some of us, it is very funny to have fun and gossips outside the class with other punished fellows.



9. Staying back in the class in Recess


Oh my Gosh, it’s so traumatic. It is the most painful punishment ever rather than canning, sit ups and even Murga. I mean they are hurt emotionally sitting alone in the classroom.


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