11 Pieces of Stunning Ancient Jewellery – A Must Have For Every Bride!!!

Wedding is a lifetime affair and every bride wants to look at her best. However, the whole look depends not only on your feature or clothes or make up, it also depends largely on the jewellery you are wearing. Here are lists of 11 pieces of ancient stunning jewellery that will make you look like a Royal Bride on your D-day!!!




As the name suggest this haar or necklace used to be worn by former royal brides to look like a queen and to mark the occasion of the Royal wedding. This wonderful necklace is handmade with gold and intricate filigree work.






Matha Patti or the hair ornament used to be a must for every ancient queen. Nowadays, it’s in trend for modern brides. So, wear it and cast a spell on everyone.





From ancient India to Egypt the Choker was a favourite ornament of everyone and nowadays the Kundan choker is a must have for every bride to look regal on her D-day.





A stunning piece that was a requisite for kings and queens in the ancient era and it signifies power and ability- virtues that are vital for a bride.






This piece of jewellery is quintessential as it decorates not only the two hands, but also the fingers of the bride in an attractive way.






This bridal jewel is much in fashion these days as earlier queens and princess use to wear it to cover or ornament their long braids in style.






This elegant and royal piece of jewellery adds slimness to the waist of the bride as well as it enhances the curves.







Inspired by the Maratha queens the traditional bride must have a nath ornament on her nose to showcase her prosperous married life according to believes.







This kind of jewellery is a part of Indian’s old tradition and ritual. Basically, it is adorned by brides to beautify their delicate ears.






The anklet is the most popular piece of jewellery because of its sound that echoes whenever the person wearing it walks, especially the bride.







Indian brides can never have enough of their toe rings as it signifies the eternal bond of marriage forever.



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