How To Tell If A Guy Likes You? Here Are 14 Sure Shot Signs!

Guys are generally less expressive in real life situations. It is natural for a girl to meet a guy and start liking him instantly or over the time. If you wait for the guy to make a move, it could take ages, and you would only get frustrated and crazy with time.

But you need to be sure that the guy feels the same for you not to embarrass yourself making a move and getting a heartbreak instead. If you are wondering how to tell if a guy likes you, there are some sure shot signs of a guy that you need to watch out. 



Signs that Can Tell a Guy Likes You


1. The First Time He Meets You Every Day


If a guy likes you then the first time he meets you every day, he is sure to blush. Watch out for the reddening of his face. He might also stroke his hair very often. Furthermore, he will try to keep the conversation going by asking you all sorts of questions. 


2. Throwing Glances At You


When a guy likes a girl, he cannot help but glance at the girl who maybe slightly away from him talking to her group of friends. So, if you like a guy, do check out whether he is glancing at you while being with his own group. If you catch him, he might give you a smile or look away instantly. 


3. Looking Straight At Your Eyes and Lips


If you like a guy and want to find out whether he likes you back, then engage in one-to-one conversation and check where he looks at you. If you look deep into your eyes or sometimes focuses his attention on your lips, he certainly has some interest in you. If he checks your figure, it is more of a lust and one-night stand stuff. 


4. Using Your Name In Conversation


If a guy uses your name very often to address you instead of using the word "you" while having a conversation, it is a sure shot sign that he likes you. When a guy starts liking a girl, he subconsciously likes to use her name a lot. You can notice the same on his text. 


5. Will Always Make You Laugh



When a guy likes you, he will always find a reason to make you laugh. He will try to get more friendly by teasing out, imitating you and crack jokes. Guys know that girls are attracted to guys who have a good sense of humor. 


6. A Sudden Change In Character


When a guy is around a girl he likes, he amends his character in certain ways and tries everything to impress her. You could notice a change in hairstyle and dressing sense, from wild behavior to gentle behavior. He will try to create a good image and will pay more attention to you more than anyone else.


7. Extra Effort To Be With You


A guy who likes you will do anything to be with you. He will appear wherever you are and pretend that it happened accidentally. He will make all the plans in such a way that he gets to spend more time with you. He might board the same train or bus even though it would make him late to reach home and likewise.

8. Sudden Changes In Attitude


You will notice a few sudden changes if a guy like you. He would start listening to you more attentively; he would get jealous when you praise another guy, and he will defend you and speak good things about you behind your back. Whenever he sees you in different places, he will be the ones who would come to you among rest of his friends. 


9. Adds You On Social Media Sites


If a guy sends you a friend request on Facebook or follows you on Twitter and Instagram, he is surely into you. This is another way to engage in a conversation with you and express all those things, in the long run, he just cannot say face to face. 


10. Gets Your Number



If a guy gets your number from a friend of yours and sends you WhatsApp messages or texts you, he likes you and hence, he has put the effort to collect your number rather than asking you. This is one of the sure shot signs of a boy completely obsessed with you. 


11. Pays For You 


If you go out with a few guys and have food or buy stuff for yourself, if a guy pays your bill, he is into you. It is a way to giving an indirect gift to make you feel happy. A normal guy would wait for you to pay your bit in a restaurant. 


12. Try To Touch You


A guy who likes you will like to touch you in some way or the other. It could be a handshake, a hi-five, a sudden bump on you willingly or touching your hair and pushing your head for fun. It could also mean lust in his eyes only when he does so from the very beginning when you start talking to him. 


13. Compliments And Praises You 


If you find a guy complimenting you on your look and dress more often and also praising your qualities and saying all the good points, he is into you completely. Introverts guys can do the same through texts. 


14. Interest About Your Personal Life


A normal guy would not ask about your family members, what you do in free time, what are the dresses you like, where you have been or what you did in the vacation or on holidays. If a guy keeps asking you these question on a regular basis, it is one of the signs of a guy liking you.


Next time you talk with a guy irrespective of whether you like him or not, do check out for the above signs of a guy. You may discover quite a few surprising names and maybe you can give them a chance too.



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