11 Life-Changing Cleaning Hacks Every Lazy Girl Must Know.


When it comes to washing and cleaning your house, we feel too lazy and feel it a most boring and drowsy work. Thus, here we have 11 lazy girl cleaning hacks that will turn this tedious cleaning work into an interesting one, so here we go.



1. Walk in your house wearing Swiffer socks:


Swiffer socks



Walking in your house wearing Swiffer socks will not only help you to get your floor cleaning done but also you feel, and even you will enjoy doing it, try lazy girls!




2. Use Lint roller for dusting:


Lint Roller



You can use Lint roller to do your equipment’s like Lampshades, and shelves to dust and vacuum easily without facing any hurdles.




3. Use of furniture polish:


Furniture polish



Use any polishing spray to bring shine to your fridge, coffee, and your dressing table. And you’re done with it!




4. Use Aluminum foil to your Toaster tray:


Use aluminium foil to your Toaster tray



Use of Aluminum foil to your toaster try so as to keep your food hot and also you can get back to your boyfriends Netflix!




5. Do not use cups and bowls:


Use packed containers n avoid use of bowls



Avoid using cups and bowls for the things that you can eat quickly with the use of their original container.




6. At any cost:


Aluminium foil container



Utilize packed items while eating cookies, do not use extra utensils to pour them.




7. Use tapes to clean:


Use tape to clean table



You might find it difficult to remove stains from the tables and shelves, what you can do is use tape to clean such stains just pull it off the, and you will get clean dust and stain free tables.




8. Avoid use of Soap:

Use body wash instead of using soaps

Instead of using soap while bathing use liquid body wash, as this will prevent the soap scum in your tub.




9. Use soap and water to clean blender:


Use soap and water to clean blender



To clean blender in a proper manner what you can do is blend soap and water to clean the blender in a better manner. Just press it, and it is done.




10. Use plastic food wrap to make cleaning easy:


Plastic food wrap



You can use these plastic food wraps to cover refrigerators shelves to keep it clean and stain free.




11. Use dryer sheet over an Air conditioner to avoid bad smell:


Dry sheet to cover Air Conditioner



If the dorm of your Air conditioner smells simply use a dryer sheet and turn it on!



These were some of the 11 best lazy girl cleaning hacks do try them and enjoy cleaning with fun.




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