Charming Indian Singers Who Can Outshine Bollywood Actresses


Over the last couple of decades, there is a massive change in trend as far as singing industry is concerned. These days, singers can feature on the movie for a special performance during the showcasing of their songs. The face value of a female singer has increased in multiple folds. These days, there are so many gorgeous female singers who can easily outshine Bollywood actresses in all departments. Today, we are going to look at those female singers who can potential become successful actresses.



1. Neeti Mohan 




She has given super hit songs like Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon(Hate Story 3), Pyaar Manga Hai Tumhi Se in the recent past. She has the look and the boldness to feature in all types of movies and with her fan following increasing exponentially every day, her wish to be an actress will surely come true.




2. Kanika Kapoor




She needs no introduction as such because her song Beat Pe Booty made her popular than any of her contemporary. She has also been successful in her solo albums as well. She is as gorgeous as an angel and has all the ingredients to be a top actress.




3. Monali Thakur 




She is a pocket-sized dynamite. She is in her prime in her singing career and she did some movies in Bengali film industry. Her cute and bubbly nature has won billions of hearts.




4. Anushka Manchanda




He is a model cum singer. She also has acted in several short films and movies as a side role. It is time for this tall and bold singer to take the limelight in Bollywood. 




5. Neha Kakkar




There is a reason why she gets to feature in most of her songs in Bollywood movies. She is liked by one and all and she is literally cuteness overloaded. She is as big a celebrity as an actress and it is probably her height that is the only constraint in her path of becoming a popular actress. 




6. Sunidhi Chauhan




She is the rock star singer in Bollywood and she is the pioneer who made the path of other singers to become so popular by performing on their songs. She has transformed herself in terms to losing weight and becoming hotter than ever. 




7. Hard Kaur 




She is a British Indian and she can be the next Sunny Leone because of her songs her too bold for kids to watch. She has also done a few regional movies and I would not be surprised if we all get to see her in Hate Story 4.




8.Tulsi Kumar 




She is a very promising singer and has already provided superhit songs like Wajah Tum Ho, Soch Na Sake(Airlift). It is time for her to venture into movies because it is tailor-made for that too.




9. Shreya Ghosal 




Last but not the least, the cutest and most beautiful singer who was the National crush before Disha Patani came into the scene. Her melodious voice has mesmerized millions of Indians and she just needs to be in the movies.


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