11 Evergreen Songs That you Never Missed in an Antakshari Game


Among the many beautiful inventions of the incredible India, one of them has lots to do with a successful marriage life. Oh yes, we are talking about the Antakshari. You would think about this game, and you are sure to think of a "shaadi" scenario and of course, Annu Kapoor. This one game can bring together two families like nothing else! And today, we are going to celebrate this game by having a look at the must-sing Antakshari songs!


1. Maye Ni Maye


Do you ever just start this game with any other song? That's out of the question, even when you have a Antakshari-Nazi who would say that the song start from "aaaa" and "ooooo". This song has proven to have a 99.99% success rate of being the first Antakshari song of all times and tell me if I'm wrong!





2. Mujhko Hui Na Khabar


Alright. So, this is the left out 0.01% of the songs that are the firsts of this game. Yeah, there are some cool people out there who don't like to start with the conventional and sing this song instead. For everyone else, this is the song to go when you get 'म' the next time.





3. Gori Hai Kalaiyaan


Get a 'ग' and only the songs that start with "गोरी" are mentally valid. You would never think of any other word till you have exhausted all the "gori" songs. This song is the first one to go for if you have an elderly in your team, or "gori tera gaanv bada pyaara". For the slightly younger ones, "gori gori gori gori, gori gori" works out perfectly!





4. Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana


I love this, there is a special way to go about this and it's always similar and it's always funny.

"Hmm. ज ki jagah ज़ se gaa sakte hain na?"

"Haan. Thik hai."

Yaay! Zindagi ek "suffer".. And hoodling! And coming back to "kisne jaana" to see the next letter. Again, I love this.





5. Na na na na na Re


So you got a 'न' and you got the first 'न'; why on earth would you think of any other song but the one which has all the न-s in the world! And, this song has special ability to make everyone sing along. You are in the team, you are in the opposite team, you are no team, you don't know the song, you know?





6. Imli Ka Boota, Beri Ka Ber


This song is so nursery-nostalgic! Imli was the first word that we ever learned from 'इ' in school and the same happens when you are playing Antakshari. Your mind is suddenly like "Imli Imli Imli" when the opposite says "ई-eeee". Also, this song is always sung in such a nursery-rhyming sing-song way, it's almost so cute until you realize who is singing it.





7. Yaara O Yaara


Following the lines of "Gori", comes "Yaar", and yes 'Bros' before 'Hoes' is a myth. Get a 'य' in Antakshari and all the " Yaar-Dosti" songs nerve in your brain is activated. Yaara O Yaara is a favorite one, apparently, following which comes "Yaar mere Yaara mere yaarum". And so it goes.





8. Pardesi Pardesi


Warning First: Do NOT let the bride have an eye contact with her parents and siblings; the "mujhe yaad rakhna, kabhi bhul na jaana" line can seriously do its magic in wedding time. This song is on the top of the mind when you are given 'प' and I bet "Pardesiya, ye sach hai piya" would not even cross your mind in the whole game.





9. Ek Do Teen


You don't need to even think of this song, like literally. The opposition says 'ए' and someone from your team will start singing this song with full enthusiasm without even waiting for the resonance of the letter to go away. We know you can count Miss. Aunty, way to go!





10. Ruk Ruk Ruk


I think this is the most ear-soring song of the whole of Antakshari time. Suddenly, they get 'र' and people go mad and they start shouting instead of singing.

"Ruk. Ruk. Ruk. Arey baba. Ruk. Oh my darr-ling. Give me. A look…

Uff. Uff. Uff. Uff. Uff. Uff.

Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Tumse love. Huaaaa." (In fast forward motion)

Calm down, people!





11. Hamma Hamma


'ह' se Hamma Hamma, and you should think next time you get the same letter. Look, you have to play Antakshari with all the focus. If you miss songs like these, the opposition will take advantage, and you can't let that happen! So, 'ह' se Hamma Hamma and rightly so. Period.




No matter what generation you belong to, you have to, have to, have to sing these songs while playing Antakshari. Believe me, then only can you be a true Antakshari player!


Hope you enjoyed reading and refreshing the classic Antakshari memories! Do write the must-sing songs that are missed in the list in the comments below. Cheers!

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