Can you Answer these Philosoraptor Questions? Exercise for Your Grey Matter!


Over the centuries, we have had many, many inquisitive philosophers in the form of Socrates, Plato, Nietzche, Buddha, who have all tried to find answers to several mysteries of mankind & the universe. Unfortunately for us today, we don't have a Buddha or a Plato to get us thinking but what we do have is our very own Philosoraptor! We really don't know when the Dinosaur Velociraptor was made a philosopher, & dubbed as Philosoraptor, but he sure does ask questions that give your organ upstairs some exercise. Can you answer these questions? Let's find out!



1. Cinderella's shoes!



Careful, this one could ruin your childhood, but if it really only fit Cinderella perfectly, just why did it have to slip off in the first place?




2. Wink or Blink?



A cyclops is a giant with just one eye, and if it were to close its eye sometime, would it mean a wink or a blink?




3. A question for the dentists in the house



But, but I follow my dentist to the word!




4. Well, do the elders have an answer now?



Well, maybe that's why you don't have friends, pussy! 




5. Wow, this one is actually happening in the comics, how about that?



So technically, if we were to make a crazy combination of latin short forms and English, we could get this done.




6. Wait, what? Why had I never thought of this before?



Have you ever, ever thought of this? Now, don't lie!




7. Same rule for all!



We guess life is fair after all! If it's being the same to everyone and all that!




8. We are not responsible for the authenticity of this stat! cheeky



Also, we just read that a woman got married to herself, maybe that clears the air? No?




9. What's the whole point of life then?



Um, maybe not break your neck and stay paralyzed, pooping away in your pants for the rest of your life?




10. Seriously, why?



Answer us, oh mighty animators of Disney!




11. Mother of God! I'm Jesus, well 78% of him!



I'm going to buy some wine! Or is there a way around to get the bible juice too?




12. "Women" huh?



Just choose one or don't say that at all!




13. I'm a pirate all right!



Who hasn't downloaded stuff off the internet, bu have you done it in the Caribbean? 'Cause that would make you a part of Jack's crew!


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