Things To Keep In Mind While Feeding Stray Animals!

There are millions of stray dogs and animals in the developing countries and a lot of kind people feed them every day with whatever they have. The scenario is not so in developed countries. If you are one of such kind people, you should know a few things before you can feed the stray animals. Because you may be doing more harm than good.

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Avoid Sweets –

Sweets and chocolates are not good for stray dogs as they take a lot of time to digest them. This leads to the formation of toxins and therefore, they grow less immunity and high risk of health issues.

Avoid Fried and Spices –

Just because human beings find fried and spicy food more attractive, it may not be the case with stray animals. Most of the time people give the leftovers to the strap dogs and animals which are mostly spicy. But those animals have a low tolerance to spicy and oily foods and health issue is inevitable.

Avoid Allergic Foods –

You should research well to find other the foods that are allergic to the stray animal you are feeding. Some of such allergic foods are dry fruits, fishes, or foods that can make the animals choke. Like the bones in the fish can prick them in the throat and they can be violent to you.

Do Not Overfeed –

There are different dietary needs of different animals. A cat will eat quite less than a dog and therefore, you should not feed them too much or food at once because they are likely to eat all and fall ill.


Serve Them Water –

Even though animals can find water in many places but serving them with food as well as water is the best idea. They can drink water when they feel thirsty while eating your foods and therefore, they do not have to leave unfinished in search of water.


Choose A Fixed Spot –

You should choose a spot away from your home if you have a pet at home otherwise a fight is inevitable. Feed the stray animals there such that it does not cause any nuisance to other people. This is a disciplined approached and a lot of other stray animals will appear and a lot of other people can feed them as well.

Lastly, be consistent about feeding the stray animals. Therefore, you should think about whether you can afford it every day or not. They might be waiting for you and be starving for your food.

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