OMG!! Bollywood Movies Of These Top Actresses Made Huge Losses


It is hard to imagine the movies of top actresses ending up in super flop state. Producers invest all the money they have to cast the top actors and actresses to drive fans and followers to cinema hall but sometimes even the hottest actresses fail to drive the young guns and left their producers in the miserable state.



1. Katrina Kaif




Well, it is safe to say that Katrina Kaif good days are literally behind her. She has been successful in giving super flop movies and now she has to depend on big superstar actors to act opposite her to regain the glory.




2. Alia Bhatt




You would not associate Alia Bhatt with super flop movies but somehow she has managed to produce them consistently even after being a fan favorite. Udta Punjab, Shaandar, Dear Zindagi could not succeed.




3. Priyanka Chopra




Priyanka Chopra is the biggest Bollywood actress ever and even after coming from Hollywood, she failed to produce a super successful movie and her movie Jai Gangaajal could not even reach the break-even point.




4. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan




It is a shame when a movie like Sarbjit fail miserably in India but gets high credit and praise in an overseas country. The movie is worthy of getting many awards but somehow Indians ignore the movie due to lack of promotion maybe.




5. Sunny Leone




You have to give it to Sunny Leone to be the main attraction in most of her movies. But it seems like her good luck is slowly fading because most of her movies are quite same and fans are tired of seeing her same avatar when they can see more on the internet.




6. Sonakshi Sinha




Sonakshi just like Katrina is fading away after doing well with Salman Khan. She is disliked for her overweight state and her acting skill is always under scrutiny. In the movie, she dared to be the main attraction but the movie becomes a super flop.




7. Shruti Hassan




Shruti Hassan is definitely one of the most talented and cutest actresses in Bollywood and somehow she has failed to get good movies where she could act against a popular superstar.




8. Jacqueline Fernandez




She is talented and she got the look and the moves yet her movie with Tiger Shroff failed miserable because their chemistry was awful and the storyline could not be worse.



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