This Is How Japanese Women Preserve Their Youth Longer Than Others!

It is always difficult to predict the age of a Japanese woman. Most of the time, you will be quoted a shorter age prediction only to find that the woman is quite aged. Most of the women across the world wonder how Japanese women look so young even at their old age. Some believe that they have some secret dishes and secret techniques of self-care to make this miracle happen. They certainly have certain techniques but they are no more secret.

Bathing Technique –

Apart from daily bathing, Japanese women take a day off every week and they spend half the day alone in bathing. They take utmost care of their body like worshipping a God. On this day, they will stay for a couple of hours in warm water to make the muscles relax. Then they will scrub every inch of their body and then they will apply oil to their skin. This is how their bodies distress every week.

Skin Massaging –

They perform some special massages especially on their faces where the age wrinkles appear. It is called anti-aging massage. You can check them out online on YouTube and perform every day before going to bed.

Skin Care –

They wash their faces thoroughly as well as the exposed parts with cleanser when they return home. In fact, working women carry face washes so that they can wash face or other exposed parts when they reach home. Therefore, they do not let the dirt settle for long. Moreover, they apply moisturizer to keep the skin soft and smooth all the time.

Cosmetic Free Days –

Applying makeup is a normal thing but when they have holidays and even when they go out in those days, they do not apply any makeup. This helps the skin to breathe naturally. The glow of the skin stays intact in the long run due to this move. This is more like fasting to lose weight and burn fats.

Balanced Diet –

Having a balanced diet all the time of the week is essential to retain your youth. It is always the food we eat that reflect through our skin conditions. It is common to find the actresses of any country staying young for a longer period beyond their age just by having a balanced diet throughout their life. Even a cheat day must be followed by a detox session.

Protection –

Japanese women protect their skin from the sunlight at any cost. They apply sunscreen, always take an umbrella and keep cleaning their faces and exposed areas with a handkerchief. This prevents tanning, drying, and wrinkle appearance.

If you want to retain your youthful state for long, you have to start worshipping your body by taking all the above steps regularly.


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