This Is How The Best Photos Of You Can Be The Worst!

With the invention of the smartphone, taking photos and uploading them on the sial media platforms has become a regular activity. While taking photos you need to be extremely careful of what is there in the background. Sometimes, we focus more on the subject and end up uploading funny photos due to the background subjects and they end up getting trolled. Here are a few examples to make you understand the importance of cross-checking the background.

The Piggy Background –

If you have a glass wall at the back and there are people in the next room, you should be careful while taking photos and make sure that no one is sneaking through. This is a usual scenario in the restaurants.


The Secondary Background –

A happy face with a stunning architectural beauty is a picture perfect snap but there are always a lot of people in the background. Kids are known to make weird faces to destroy the photos completely.


A Great Group Photo –

Taking group photos open in the street is very risky. It is not because you can get run over but it is the moving vehicle and what people are doing in it can be risky. The picture has a happy group of ladies but the guy out of the car window just ruined it.

The Hot and Heavy Background –

Taking a photo with your best friend or your family when you go out with them to dine and enjoy is the usual thing to do. But when you are in a partying place, people can get under the influence of the alcohol and other substance. That is why you can see the girls doing adult things in the background.

The IT Clown Is Everywhere –

Clowns have become a scary thing ever since the movie IT came out. Already, the reflection of the light in the eyes of the subjects is making the photo slight weird. But it is the IT clown out of the moving car that is really suspicious.

The Sadness Of Life –

Sometimes, the sad thought of your life can occupy you so much that you can miss the best present thing. A guy got a full moon view of the girl and their curves but he is lost completely. In fact, their photo is completely bombed.

Someone Needs Help –

Even though the photo is super hot with the perfect curve of the girl but the background tells a tragic sorry. The girl is too occupied in her own pose while the cameraman is soaked into her beauty.

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