Teeth Cleaning Cost in Canada: Now More Affordable than Ever

Recent technological advances have allowed Canadian dentists and dental practitioners to increasingly providing more affordable teeth cleaning costs.

What is Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is also known as “deep teeth cleaning” or “prophylaxis.”  It is used for removing plaque and tartar buildup on teeth. In addition, regular teeth cleaning prevents both early tooth decay and periodontal disease. Also known as gum disease, periodontal disease begins with a buildup of biofilm called plaque. If it is not removed within 48 hours, especially around the gums and between misaligned or crooked teeth, it becomes a hard substance called tartar. Tartar cannot be removed by brushing or flossing, only by dental professional. This eventually develops into early stage gingivitis and late stage periodontal disease.

  • Gingivitis – During this early stage, plaque’s bacteria irritates gums and caused them to bleed. However, this is completely reversible.
  • Periodontitis– During this mid-stage, tartar breaks down the attachment of gums to teeth. This causes bone loss and periodontal pockets. Cleaning can prevent more damage.
  • Advanced Periodontitis – During this severe stage, so much damage has been done, that teeth begin to loosen. Unfortunately, this is no longer in the care of a dental hygienist and requires a periodontist, with laser surgery and bone and gum grafts to prevent losing teeth.

Teeth cleaning also helps prevent bad breath and improves overall oral health. It also removes stains caused by food, drink, such as caffeine, and tobacco.

Teeth cleaning is recommended to be done twice a year by professionals.

Cleanings take 30 to 90 minutes, depending on level of buildup.

The process is relatively pain free and requires little to no-downtime.

Procedures include scaling, fluoride treatment, polishing, general dental cleaning, and air abrasion.

  • Scaling – The dentist removes tartar buildup with a special tool, a manual scraper.
  • Polishing – A slightly abrasive paste and tool polishes teeth surfaces.
  • Fluoride Treatments – This is performed at the end of the treatment, and strengthens the enamel.

Dental Practice Locations

Canadian dentists offering teeth cleaning services are located in all major Canadian cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Montreal. They are available in outlying suburbs, such as the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and smaller towns, such as Surrey, Hamilton, Oshawa, and Concord as well.

Cost of Teeth Cleaning

The cost of teeth cleaning in Canada varies and depends on a variety of factors, including location of dental practice, dental reputation, and amount of buildup on the teeth.

For example, in Vancouver, a dental cleaning ranges from $375 to $485 CAD. The procedure includes a complete exam for new patients, 8-14 X-rays, up to 1 hour of cleaning, and polish and fluoride. For children, the costs average $180 to $285 CAD for the initial first visit. This includes exam for patients with baby teeth, exams for patients with both baby and adult teeth, 2-4 X-rays, 30 minutes of cleaning, and polish and fluoride. The first exam is complimentary for children under 3 years of age. Subsequent visits will be approximately $30 CAD.

In Alberta, including Calgary and Edmonton, fees are the highest in Canada. The average cost of scaling is ranges from $65 to $290 CAD, fluoride is approximately $33 CAD, while polishing is approximately $70 CAD.

In Canada in general, regular teeth cleaning without X-rays ranges from $75 to $200 CAD, with an average of $80 to $175 CAD. With X-rays, the cost will be $100 to $300 CAD higher.

Deep teeth cleaning can involve more scaling and root planning. It is priced per quadrant and ranges from $100 to $450 CAD per quadrant. All 4 quadrants is called full-mouth debridement and ranges from $500 t0 $4,000 CAD. It is necessary in cases of excessive plaque, tartar, or bacteria buildup.

Periodontal maintenance cleaning involves removing plaque and tartar from the gum line, to prevent further tooth loss. This is recommended for those diagnosed with periodontal disease.

How to Choose a Dental Practitioner

Choosing a dentist or dental practitioner can often be overwhelming. However, remembering basic questions will make the process much smoother.

Do their inspire confidence in their abilities?

Do they make one feel comfortable?

Are they willing to explain the procedure involved?

Are their hours and location easily accessible?

Are there extra charges for services, such as X-rays?

Ensure that the dentist office is accredited and recognized by the Canadian Dental Association, the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, a provincial dental colleges, such as the Alberta Dental Association and College, as well as a local society, such as Edmonton and District Dental Society.

Feel free to shop around for the best practitioner and the best price. Request their rates.

Teeth whitening is available in all major Canadian cities and is now more affordable than ever.

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