11 Personal Hygiene Mistakes You Are Making Every Day 

Every one of us is taught to take care of personal hygiene in the best possible way from our childhood. These are some habits that we get used to like brushing teeth, taking bath, wearing clean clothes, washing hands before eating and likewise.

For a healthy and disease-free life, you have to become hygiene-conscious and realize that there are certain things you are always doing in the wrong way in your daily life. Here are those 11 personal hygiene mistakes you need to rectify before it is too late. 



1. The Way You Brush 


Most of us brush our teeth in the wrong way and it leads to various dental problems as we grow old. Therefore, you should learn the right technique and do flossing for time to time and change your toothbrush at times. 


2. Bathing and Washing



If you are bathing multiple times a day, you are doing it wrong because it will make your skin dry and make it expose to microbes that will cause irritation and allergies. SImiarly, washing your hand with soap with bleach the skin and crack it open due to extreme dryness.


3. Cleaning Earwax



You should know how to use cotton swabs to clean your ear wax. What most people do is push the earwax deeper into the ear canal and it can damage your eardrum. It is better to clean your excessive earwax from a doctor. 

4. Daily Toothbrush 


Your toothbrush must not be damp when you use it in the morning else it is a house of bacteria. It will cause bad breath and gum problems. Shake off the water after use and you can dry it in the sun and use a cap to protect it. Furthermore, you should change your brush after a few months and keep the brush in a place away from the toilet. 


5. Exfoliating Skin 


If you use exfoliating face wash every day, your skin will look older and the wrinkles will appear sooner. Furthermore, you can have many skin diseases like acne. Exfoliate your skin twice a week at the maximum. 

6. Applying Deodorant


Most of us apply deodorant on the skin for better durability. It is absolutely harmful to the skin and you should apply in on the dress instead to avoid the harmful chemical contacting the skin and penetrating. 

7. Oiling and Combing Hair 



Some of us use oil every day on the hair, especially after bathing. This is harmful as the oily hair will catch more dust when you go out and it will get stored in the root and dandruff and hair fall will be higher. Similarly, combing wet hair will increase hair fall. You should dry it thoroughly with a towel or stand under the sun rather than using a hairdryer. 


8. Cleaning Things Every Day



The items that you use every day needs to be cleaned every day. For example, your computer mouse and keyboard, TV remote, sitting places, smartphones and even doorknobs. You a vacuum cleaner early in the morning to clean off the dust and bacteria. 

9. Using Cotton Pillow Cover


We generally use a cotton pillow but it makes our skin dry and add wrinkles and even damage your hair. Therefore, it is better to use silk pillow cover and it does not harm the skin in any way. 

10. Clipping Nail


There is a large section of guys and girls who do not need to clip their fingernails because they are habituated biting it with their teeth. It could be intentional or unintentional and hence, you need to be watchful especially when you are under stress. The best solution is to over-clip your nails so that you have nothing to bite.


11. Showering After Gym


You should not go to shower immediately after gyming. Take a few moments to calm down and then hit the shower to clean off the perspiration. It will make your skin fresh and free from rashes. A warm shower will do better in retaining skin glow and curing muscle soreness. 


If you want to share any such personal hygiene mistakes people generally mistake without realizing them, do share in the comment section. 



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