List of 11 Weirdest Gadgets Launched This Year By Famous Brands


The biggest electronics event CES or Consumer Electronics Show 2018 was held in Las Vegas and all the biggest brands across the world participated to showcase their upcoming products. CES is called the global stage of innovation.

We have seen the unveiling of latest technologies and gadgets in all sectors starting from computers, cars, TVs to home assistant products, smartphones, Virtual Reality gears and what not. But it is those weird products showcased during the event that has received a huge traction. Check out the upcoming weirdest gadgets launched by popular brands that will blow your mind. 





This is a little domestic robot and it can play music and podcasts. It will entertain your kids as an audience and it can welcome people home. But it gets weird when it tapes your arguments, moments when you undress, and even when you get terribly injured. 


2. Modius



This is a weight reducing device and it works by using electrical pulses so that it can stimulate a certain part of your brain. This stimulation is likely to decrease the appetite and reduce fat and we got to wear it only one hour a day. This is the most innovative and bizarre product to lose weight. 


3. Somnox


It is a cushion robot in the shape of the kidney that can produce breathing effect. You can cuddle it and eventually it will match your breathing pattern. It can also play songs, audiobooks and hence, it is a sleeping companion for those who are missing their partner in bed. 


4. Aee Selfly



This is a phone case and it is also a drone that will help you take a selfie without a selfie stick. It comes with its camera which can capture 1080p videos. Well, this could well be the next trending thing for the selfie lovers. 


5. Toyota e-Palette



This is the product of CES 2018 whereby this vehicle could well be the moving retail store. The next time you order something, the entire store can come to your home and deliver the product. The product is backed by Amazon, Uber, Pizza Hut. 


6. HiMirror 


It is also a home assistant product whereby you have to look in the mirror and the mirror will talk to you. It will analyze your skin with its camera and recommends you the skin products for a better skincare.


7. Foldimate


This is a weird gadget where you have to put your clothes after ironing out and the machine is going to spit out folded dresses. It can fold 20 dresses in 5 minutes. 


8. Philips SmartSleep Headband



This band plays weird white noises in the repeated mode so that you have a good night sleep even when there is so much noise around you. It detects your brain activity and plays music accordingly to calm it down and put you to sleep. 


9. L'Oreal UV Sense



This is a small sensor that you have to put on your nail and it will inform its companion app to alert you that the sun exposure can cause serious skin problems. Therefore, you can take a shade to avoid the sun or use an umbrella. 


10. Hip Air


If you get drunk quite often and have a coordination problem, Hip Air will give you the much-needed protection. It is a shock absorber and takes in 90% of the impact if you fall unconscious. There is no chance of fracture and bleeding. It looks weird when you put it on. 


11. Spartan Anti-Radiation Boxer



This is a great product even though it sounds strange. All men keep their phones in their pant's pocket and it gives out radiation that can affect your reproductory organs and can cause infertility caused due to radiation. This is why this boxer is designed to protect your private parts from radiation. Noting yet for females!


Which one of these weirdest products would you love to buy? Which weird product will you love to see in the next year's CES 2019?



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