10 Most Weird Phones that are Ever Made


We are living in a world where innovative is a daily activity. With the exponential rise in the smartphone industry, companies are trying their best to bring out some amazing but weird phones in order to stand tall in the crowd. Today we are going to look at 10 such unusual and weird phones that exist in real life even though you cannot imagine them in wild dreams.




1. Nokia 7600




This smartphone has a very different and futuristic in design. It enables the user to take pictures, videos and could send multimedia messages also. This handset fails miserably in the market due to its weird shape which creates difficulty in texting.  



2. Nova EC 170



This is the smallest mobile phone that you can ever get. It is only 40 grams in weight, but you can touch the screen comfortably. It also has great battery backup, and you can put microSD card. 



3. Yota Phone


This is one of the weird phones ever designed. The back side of the phone has a screen as the front side, and if you are talking on the phone, people would think that you are holding the phone in reverse position by mistake.



4. Nokia 7280


It is definitely the weirdest phones o the list because the screen is so small and females can use the screen as a mirror to adjust their makeup. It is so inconvenient to use it, and it looks money like MP3 player rather than a mobile phone. 



5. P7 Pen Phone


This mobile phone looks more like a pen but quite thicker. It has a joystick and bumped number system to type. It also has a clip on the back to hang it like a pen. The screen was too small, to be a usual phone to have. 



6. The Golden Buddha 


This is a flexible mobile phone, and it originated in China. The phone is made up of golden and looks best as a showpiece. The dial is circular, and the screen always has a Buddha's image. It did not gain popularity beyond China where some of the rich guys bought it for collection. 



7. The C99 Star


From the name and photo, you can understand the weird design of the mobile phone. It is a touch screen phone, and you can put it on your necklace. Needless to say that the phone failed miserably and excited some school-going girls only. 



8. Xiang Yan Wang 3838


This is a unique mobile phone that can help you carry cigarettes. The overall design is too weird to take it out in public places. It looks like a pack of cigarettes from one side and mobile form the other. 



9. Chamelephone



This is one of the best inventions, but unfortunately, it is completely weird and unusual. Wherever you put the phone, it takes images of the surroundings, and the edge-to-edge display shows a similar pattern to get one with the surrounding. You can lose the mobile more often. 



10. Stun Master 800 000 Volt



Even though it looks like a mobile phone, it is actually a stun gun, and it is the reason why police check you thoroughly. It has no functionalities of a mobile even though it displays like that. 


These are the weirdest mobile phones in the world that you can hardly think out about. Given a chance, which one would you be buying?



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