16 Affordable and Cool Things To Buy On Amazon Right Now


Amazon is one of the leading online shopping cart sites in the world, and there are so many varieties of products that it is easy to miss out the coolest things hidden behind the big one. Do not worry because here is a complete list of cool things to buy on Amazon that you need to check out and buy right now as they are within your reach.



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List of Cool Things to Buy on Amazon



1. Microsoft Foldable Keyboard




You can use this cool item for your computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. It is connected through Bluetooth, and it is spill resistant. The battery is rechargeable and once you charge it, you can use it for three months.


2. Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich Maker

You can provide fresh ingredients and items like cheese, eggs. It takes 5 minutes to prepare 2 sandwiches. The timer is audible, and it is very easy to clean.





3. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer




You can print anything instantly by connecting this device to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It does not use ink and it does not require refilling. You can carry it anywhere you go.



4. Stylish Night Running Gear Shoe Lights




If you like to jog at night or just want to show off your style, these are perfect for you. They are eye-catching and your expensive shoes will get noticed immediately.



5. Ostrich Pillow




If you are a working guy and you work late night, it is a boon for you. You can put your head inside and place your hands too and have a quick nap. It is cool inside because of micro balls.



6. Umbra Contemporary Design Ribbon Wall Clock




This is a cool wall clock to have and increase the beauty of your room by multiple folds. Multiple color varieties are available.




7. Umbra FishHotel Aquarium




This is an amazing thing to have if you have an aquarium in your home. It takes simple aquarium to the next level. It is available in various sizes to fit your need.




8. Universal Waterproof Case




Take your smartphone for a swim and click a selfie. It is one of the most useful items to own at present, and It keeps your phone dry. You can also put wallet, cards in it during the rainy season.



9. Hot Dog Toaster




If you cannot live without having a hot dog at least once a day, this is tailor-made only for you. You can have two hot dogs at a time. It is easy to clean and easy to cook.




10. Pacman Ice Cube Tray




Now, putting ice cubes in cocktails and regular drinks would be more fun and interesting.



11. Suction-Cup Sun Bed




If you have a cat or any light weight pet, you must buy it and let your pet have a great time in the sun.




12. Projectable Solar LED Night Light



You can adjust it, and it can project beautiful images on the wall. It is best for babies while they are going for a nap.



13. Foldable Headphones



Carrying big headphones is a headache and that is exactly where this is such a boon. You can put it in your purse. 



14. Foot Hammock




If you have to work on a table for hours at a stretch, chances are your feet positions will give you a major headache. But with this foot hammock, you can relax that way you want. They are very easy to attach.



15. Pop Socket




They get attached to the back of your phone, and you can keep your phone on the table while watching videos. It makes it easy to hold the phone as well. It is definitely one of the cool things to buy on Amazon. 




16. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker



Now listen to music while you take a shower and dance to the tune. 



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