These Tips can Help You Pick Perfect Lingerie For Your Girlfriend!!


Want to gift your girlfriend something erotic? Pick up the pair of lingerie and surprise her. Real elegance is in things that don’t show and lingerie can be the best expression of woman’s femininity. So there is no doubt that you will be getting your gift once you’ve gifted the perfect lingerie to your lady. Now the question is how do you choose the lingerie that would fascinate her? Here are few tips:






Be Confident


Have you just got into the relationship? No worries. Gifting lingerie is naturally intimidating but it can be a fun experience too. Lingerie traditionally seduces men and most girls wear it just as much for the same reason. Regardless of the term of your relationship gifting her lingerie would be an excellent way to keep the charisma alive.






It's important to know her


Yes, it’s important to know if she is comfortable with the lingerie that she already owns or if she feels outgoing, shy or self-conscious. So make sure that whatever you buy she will be comfortable wearing it. For example, if your girl feels self-conscious about her tummy, instead of a tight-fitting camisole you can opt for a loose babydoll. It is also required to keep her personality in mind and anticipate her thoughts on lingerie that you chose to buy.






Size and the Style


You can do a small research on what style of lingerie she prefers without her knowledge. Go through her underwear drawer while she is not looking. Jot down the key aspects like the bra size, undies size, and her favorite color. Also, observe what she is running low on. Three things to take a note of are:


• Bras: push-up, padded, contour, seamed.

• Panties: hipsters, bikinis, thongs, G-string.

• Nightwear: babydoll, garter belts, corset, chemise, teddy.

• Fabric: silk, cotton, lace.


Do your homework and prepare yourself before purchasing lingerie.






Shopping on your own


Shopping online may be an easier way to avoid feeling like a creep to the sales staff. Actually, they are accustomed to helping boyfriends and husbands select items for their partners. You can rely on their experience and give them the note that you had taken down before. You can also show them the pictures of your lady so they can have an idea of her skin tone and body shape. You can also buy accessories such as suspenders and stockings.






To give it a final touch pack the lingerie inside an elegant gift box and surprise her. Cheers !


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