Seduce your hubby with these 7 Super Hot Sexy Lingerie on your first night


The hottest season of marriage is in full swing. Every girl who is going to be a bride is busy in her Trousseau shopping. In this chaotic moment of shopping what really needs all the attention is the quintessential lingerie’s. On this beautiful and immensed occasion of your first bridal night you need to be very intimate to yourself as well as with your partner. However only focusing on good looking lingerie would not be beneficial because that must be comfortable in wearing also. Therefore, we present before you the 7 Super Hot Sexy Lingerie’s for Every To-be Bride. Here is the list-



1.Hot Lace


Lace is very much IN this season. It is very tantalizing also in terms of fabric. It can be a seductive affair to wear on your first night. A full lace bra may be helpful with matching lace panty can soar the temperatures high of your partner.







2. Delicate Embroidery


This kind of lingerie is sheer music for the body. Its soft feeling will keep you comfortable, while its embroidered flowers, and other designs will make you look like a Diva out of the box.






3. The Baby doll Lingerie


This is the ultimate lingerie for bridal hotness.  No matter whatever is your skin tone, his heart will stop for you if you come out wearing baby doll lingerie.








4.  Pushp-up Bra



A colourful Push-up bra will enhance your assets in a magical way. The hotness quotient will be unlimited.







5. Sheer Lingerie



You require so much of confidence for wearing sheer lingerie as it reveals your skin. You can also draw attention to the area by experimenting with different colours, too. No matter what your skin tone, his heart will stop for you if you come out in something as hot as purple colour.







6. Corset Lingerie


This type of lingerie covers all the bulging areas of your body. Corsets can do wonders for trimming inches off your waist and also they are seductive, they actually cover much more than you would think. Your partner would absolutely love the way corset accentuate your figure and make you look hotter. Get a lacy corset dyed in a bright color, to get that baby doll look.








7. Vintage Lingerie


This kind of lingerie will be perfect for you as its pretty comfortable. This will give you the princess kind of feel. Its available in diverse colours to suit your requirement.




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