11 Gayest animals on Earth – You won’t believe how many animals are gay!


Homosexuality is not something that is just found amongst human beings. It is a law of nature, that many, if not most of the creatures of the animal kingdom indulge in. The only creatures to have never exhibited homosexuality are those which do not engage in sexual activity at all! Researchers first discovered homosexuality back in 1911 amongst penguins but suppressed the findings as the idea was still considered to be highly controversial! Of late, homosexuality has gained both popularity and support and hence research into such behavior among animals has become more common. Here is a list all your beloved animals and their homosexual tendencies!




1. Amazon River Dolphins



Dubbed as the kinkiest mammal ever, the River Dolphin is found to gather 3 to 5 males and 1 female at times, along with porpoises very often and have a massive underwater gang-bang! What's more is that males of this species have also been found penetrating the blowhole of other MALES & females. This is the only example of nasal sex in the entire animal kingdom! Surely has the weirdest kinks! And they are partially pink!




2. Giraffe



9 out 10 giraffes are gay!!! The long-necked, spotted, gentle giants often indulge in homosexual activities that begin with caressing their necks and end in mounting and reaching climax!




3. Lions



The king of the jungle isn't all that straight either! About 8% of the lion population indulge in same-sex activities including snuggling, mounting and penetrating other male lions. There are several pieces evidence showing male-lion-threesomes too!




4. Penguins



Penguins are the most commonly observed animals with respect to homosexuality. The first discovery regarding this behavior among penguins was made in 1911 but wasn't published until 2012. Several zoos have reported same-sex mating among penguins and even a male pair Roy & Silo from Central Park Zoo have successfully nurtured and hatched an egg in 2004.




5. Grey Whale



On of the biggest creatures on earth, the Grey Whale that can reach 49 feet (14.9 m) in length & weigh about 36 tons, are no strangers to homosexuality. They have been observed to have slip-&-slide orgies while swimming together belly-on-belly! Phew!




6. Bottlenose Dolphins



The far cousins of the River Dolphins, the Bottlenose Dolphins have more women joining the party where female dolphins have been seen with their beaks lodged up the backside of other dolphins and slowly swimming forwards!! Other examples are of male dolphins which are often seen having anal sex of rubbing their genitals against each others'.




7. Elephants



Elephants have one of the highest homosexual tendencies among mammals! Having straight sexual relationships is out of the question for most of the part (or is rather for a very short duration) while homosexual relations between males can last for many years! They make good use of their trunks by practicing trunk-intertwining, putting their trunks in each others' mouths, kissing and even mounting!




8. Spiders



Spiders are the funniest when it comes to homo-animals! Most of these creatures do not care where they insert and then hope that it's a female! Hence most of the homosexual activity found amongst spiders might purely be by accident!




9. Spotted Hyenas



These relatively common creatures of the grasslands had been regarded as sexually deviant and sometimes used for witchcraft too. As it turns out, they too do exhibit extensive homosexual behavior!




10. Bonnet Macaque



We can safely call the male members of this species the nastiest among the gay animals! Not only do they engage in same-sex indulgence but also have been found pleasuring themselves and consuming the resulting substance!

That. Is. Gross.




11. Walruses



These saggy, wrinkled animals of the marine world, have been observed to be bisexual, where they mate with females only during the fertile seasons, and the rest of the time have been found chilling with other males, indulging in sexual activities or just hanging out, embracing or sleeping together in the water!



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